wagyu steak dinner

wagyu steak dinner

looking for an easy recipe for a special evening or intimate celebration, this is fast and delicious for a small party of 2-4.

five stars!



  • 10oz wagyu beef steak
  • 1 Large bunch asparagus(4-6 spears per person)
  • ½ cup cooked rice of choice per person
  • 1 ½ cups mushrooms
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Salt for steak

How to:

Wagyu beef is to be brought to room temp on counter before cooking, I pulled it out 45 min before lunch, and waited 20 min to get preparing our meal. While it’s resting on counter rice can be cooked, then sauté mushrooms, I saute in a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Set aside ready to warm and serve.


Trim asparagus, spray with olive oil and sprinkle salt, put in air fryer at 450 for 5 min or steam in steamer. Set aside ready to warm and serve.


Sprinkle salt lightly over steak, I used course salt, and let it sit 5 min, then slice into thin strips, heat skillet on med-high be ready this step goes quick. Toss steak into pan stirring quickly to cook all sides, 3-4 min, toss in mushrooms. Heat rice and asparagus, plate all at once and serve. This feeds 3-4.