“When I first started driving WHILL, the ease of use and tight turning radius made it possible to navigate my small apartment. No other power chair has “fit” in my place. I love the remote for moving WHILL and it has enough adjustments to fit me.

Power chairs are expensive but this is priced well below most entry level power chairs particularly due to the advanced technology. If you are interested check out their website and schedule a test-drive. Hard to imagine using anything less.”


The ALL-NEW Whill Model Ci2 is the most innovative power wheelchair in the market today. With a sleek, modern design, Whill CI2 is a powerful multi-terrain power chair.


Advanced Technology

Drive the Whill Ci2 with your iPhone! This innovative power chair can be controlled remotely by your iPhone app, where you can also monitor battery life, speed settings, and send diagnostics for maintence or troubleshooting. This app does it all! Using bluetooth, the app can send information to technicians for fast diagnosis and repair, if needed. You can also charge your iPhone while driving using the built-in USB port.

Innovative Design

Patented front omni wheels move forward as well as laterally side to side. This lateral movement allows you to make sharp turns with ease, with a tight 29.9″ turning radius. These sleek omni wheels perform well on varied terrain so you can do more, see more, and enjoy more. They effortlessly climb obstacles up to 2.25″ and inclines up to 10°. These fancy wheels do a whole lot more than just look cool.

Anti-Theft Feature

Theft prevention is easy with the Whill Ci2. You can lock or unlock the chair using the included key, the optional Whill Smart Key, or the Whill iPhone app. When you lock the device, the chair shuts off all operations and can only be turned back on with your key, Smart Key, or the app.

User-Friendly Controls

The digital display puts the control at your fingertips. Choose from four speed settings using the arrows. A battery indicator keeps you informed as to how much battery is left. The ergonomic joystick responds smoothly to your movements and is easy to navigate. Whether you’re left or right-handed, the displays and joystick can be accommodated to your preference.