serenilite hand strengthening stress balls

serenilite hand strengthening stress balls



Every squeeze with the Medium and Hard exercise ball will increase blood circulation and strengthen & condition your grip, hands, fingers, and forearms. These stress balls reduce carpal tunnel and arthritis symptoms. Good for rehabilitation and post-surgical recovery. Great for physical therapy, rehabilitation, stress & anxiety relief, and fitness. Made of a tear-resistant gel core and sleek non-stick fabric. Experience maximum grip & comfort.


“Due to weak wrists I was needing something to help strengthen them that wasn’t really big and bulky and these guys are it! I wasn’t really expecting miracles by them and was ok with the fact that if they didn’t really help, I’d have the benefit of a little stress relief from them. They are fantastic! It’s not an over night quick fix but I can feel my wrists getting stronger along with my fingers which is an added bonus. Opening jars and lids isn’t as tough now and I am sure they will only get stronger with time. They are well worth it!”



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