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UPDATE! PureWick now has an 8 hour backup battery option. lighter, more compact and super easy to use, No worries if you lose power during the night.

**medicare now pays for the pump if your insurance qualifies but not the wicks.  YET! maybe late 2021.

if you are using incontinence briefs overnight without results or worst experiencing skin breakdown that is mistakenly seen as pressure sores check this out. I began using this at night and within a month my skin was clear and healthy. 7 months later zero complications, utis, etc. all external and simple to place. it cost a little more than what I was spending however. without medical issues (antibiotics etc.) i’m grateful for this product. it is compact and relatively quiet.

i purchased this storage box on amazon for 19$ to place next to my bed. the pump fits inside and the patient suction hose feeds through the handle. works for me!



Si-Miracle Foldable Desk Sundries Storage Box with Removable Lid & Handles,Large Capacity Cotton Linen Box, Collapsible Fabric Container,Home Cube Organizer for Bedroom, Closet, Office, Nursery.

The PureWick™ Female External Catheter: Made of soft, flexible material with fabric that’s designed to help protect skin by drawing away urine.  The PureWick™’ Female External Catheter fits between the female labia and buttocks (gluteus).

The PureWick™ System pulls urine from the wick to a sealed collection canister through collection tubing. The PureWick™ System fits on most nightstands or small end tables.

The PureWick™ Urine Collection System includes the collection canister and tubing required to operate the PureWick™ System. The collection canister comes with a lid and a privacy cover for discretion.