Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

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“so easy to use”

“I love that someone had the genius idea to put magnesium in a spray bottle. I can now easily reach my feet and I don’t have to bend over and rub it in, I can just spritz a little and let it dry. This magnesium oil is the real deal and works brilliant at relieving muscle aches and cramps. It’s also wonderful I don’t have to remember another vitamin to take, I just added this to my night routine.”


Genuine Zechstein magnesium is one of the most bio-available and easily assimilated magnesium compounds in both dietary and topical applications. It is extracted in it’s 100% raw natural state, unmatched in purity and quality by any other source on the planet.

  • Ancient Minerals oil is a concentrated magnesium chloride oil spray, the original magnesium oil, trusted by professionals since 2007, contains only the purest ingredients in a convenient topical spray
  • This convenient form of magnesium is effective for stress relief and relaxation, it restores the body while it nourishes and encourages healthy skin
  • Topical magnesium is efficiently absorbed by the skin and can be applied directly to areas where needed most
  • Superior concentration and quality when compared to other brands. Water soluble and can be diluted if necessary. Fragrance-free, parabens-free, no phenoxyethanol
  • Apply desired amount to targeted areas for relief and support. Just six sprays delivers 100mg of elemental magnesium chloride
  • Available in different strengths and products

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