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    HI, Y'all!!

    I'm Melissa, was on AD as an Army JAG 1991-2000 and reserve JAG till 2004. I currently work for the VA as an attorney.

    I was diagnosed with MS last year (2014), but had symptoms for years. It was hard to get a diagnosis (although they did all the test, the VA doctors didn't want to diagnose me), mainly because I didn't fit the "profile" of 20-40's (I was 55 when diagnosed). The VA doc told me if I were 35, it would be a no brainer that I have MS. I ended up getting diagnosed by an outside MS Clinic. The VA has been great in treating me now that I have a diagnosis.

    I get most of my care through the VA. I love my NP in the womens' clinic, and although there can be red tape (like getting shoulder surgery done outside), overall I am very pleased with the care I get.

    I believe a Navy guy was complaining about the daily Copaxone shots. My VA will order the 3 times/week Copaxone for me. You might look into that.
    Symptoms started around 2000, Diagnosed with RRMS April 2014, On Copaxone.