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    section 8 that fits you right for being a grunt, was a grunt from 81- 87 one of the originals light Infantry cohort units , hooooraaah


      Diagnosed May 2011 RR

      Hello, my name is Joe, or SSG 'Blu'. I enlisted in the AD Army in 2001 and worked w/ the Patriot Missile System, specifically I was a launcher operator (14T). I ETSd in 2004 after about 3 1/2 yrs of service and transferred to the Army Reserves where I reclassed to become a Paralegal (27D) where I serve today. as a SSG/Paralegal NCO. On AD I was stationed in S. Korea and then Ft. Bliss. In the reserves I'm assiged to a JAG unit HQ'd out of Fort Sam.

      I had my 1st attack in 08, I had the intronuclear optoplegmia (SP!) deal or what I like to call crazy-eye I was being seen by a neuro-optomologist who after performing MRIs and CAT scans was convinced I had MS. We followd up w/ a spinal tap which came up negative; as a result the doc basically left my treatment up to me saying I prolly had it and could start treatment, do nothing, or re-evaluate in a yr. Interestingly, I had no legion on my optic nerve.

      I then volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan shortly after healing up from crazy-eye. I was the NCOIC for military justice for a large task-force & this was basically my dream job. This year, May 11, I was due to leave for SLC (formerly BNCOC) and I was going to hit the E7 board at the end of the FY. Woke up about 3 days before report date w/ pins and needles in my left leg, which spread to pins & needles pretty much along the entire left side of my body. I almost immediately knew what was going on, my CMD cancelled my school date and I went to see an AWESOME neuro in my town. Long story short, I have now have confirmed RR MS, I go to my physical on the 28th and will then be certainly be facing a MEB, as MS itself if svc. disqualifying.

      I'm about 99% certain I can be retained at the PEB considering my job is one of the most sedentary in the Army if not the military, of course being deployable is another story, but at least I got my 1 combat tour knocked out! My CDR recently came off of MOB as the deputy CDR for the Soldier's outreach counsel at FSH, so I have that going for me too. Ironically, I'm certified to work the MEB/PEB process as a paralegal

      As a civilian, I worked as a pay tech for Dept. of the Army 2005-2010 and currently work as a paralegal for the VA in a contract office (govt. acquisition) 2010-present.

      I saw that someone posted that MS is auto svc-conn if symptoms/diagnosis present w/i 7 years of Dx, can you point me in the right direction of that reg/ref? This would be applicable to me as my first attack was w/i 4 yrs of separation and the diagnosis w/i 7. This doesn't count my reserve time or deployment/MOB but rather my sepration from AD.

      The reason this interests me is that I want to stay in, I hit 10 yrs of svc basically around the time of my diagnosis and would need to hit 15 yrs to retire if I ended up getting worse and not be retainable, but if my MS is svc-conn I would like to document it. Is there an auto-rating that MS warrants, I suppose from the VASRD? (which I look up after I post this, but if you know of the top of your head . . )

      Great site and I look forward to participating.


      Joe / Blu / SSG Bludeau


        JAGSSG- here is a link to the VA web site that talks about the 7 year period
        Plan for the future, but not too hard; itís not your decision anyway


          NEW VET

          Wow calling myself a Vet is strange. Retired active duty Navy submariner on 7 OCT 2011. Enlisted in Nov1985. I'm on terminal leave now. 1 DEC 2011 is the official retirement date. I've been away for a while but back now and very glad to see this site. I was Dx 2006 with PP MS. Sx were not too I was able to avoid all the Doctors....and stay in. Last duty station in DC the command knew about the Dx and let me finish my time out.

          I'm waiting on a disability determination. How long does it take? I was able to to complete all VA evaluations before I retired. Now I'm just waiting on the VA.

          And going nuts!!!! This is the first time in 26 yrs that I have been not working. The poor dog is all messed up...."Hey what are you doing home??" Apparently I am "disturbing" his sleep time !!!

          Again thanks for the ability to talk with other day soon I will consider myself one of you....
          PPMS Dx 2007. Rebif


            Originally posted by GeoMoore View Post
            active duty Navy submariner on 7 OCT 2011.
            You're already one of us.
            Well, at least one in three. I did six years on the Barbel and the Bremerton ('87 to '93), we might have crossed tracks in Groton. There's another guy who shows up from time to time who was on Tullibee.
            I'll post a longer reply outside the intro thread.


              Just rcvd call have 2 more C & P exams next week, the PVA rep said it would take a long time to get the appts but it has only been about 6 weeks,

              Va just started the paper work for a scooter for me as they say I need one since I can't go to a shopping mall and other activities as I am not able to walk for extended periods of time, never asked for it.

              Still fighting with them for copay reimbursements, have paid almost $900 this year and they sent me a check for $56. Can't get them to send me a detailed list of what was ok'd and what was not so I can get a list put together to argue my point.

              Quick question, what mileage are you getting reimbursed for, in other words actual mileage or zip code to zip code, VA web site says zip to zip or mileage shown by RandMcnally or map quest,which ever give the vet greater advantage. I live 12 miles from the town they are using for my zip, actually I don't even live in the same county but as we are out in the country it is the nearest post office to us, by the time they reduce the mileage and take off the monthly deductable I end up with about $3.00 for a 42 mile round trip. They say that is how they pay it yet when I go for C & P they pay as per RandMcnally mileage.
              Plan for the future, but not too hard; itís not your decision anyway


                USAF '58-'62. Computer/radar (including stint at Murphy Done, Alaska), civil life at GE Computer and JI Case Tractor. Diagnosed in 1971. Married. Terrific wife and kids, one granddaughter. Member of PVA; they were a Godsend. Wife very active advocacy MS Society & Caregivers. Now also bladder cancer and Kidney disease. Doing is's been an honor.


                  Hello, Just Joined

                  Hello everyone,
                  My name is Alita and I have just joined this board. I have posted to other MS sites, yet I like discovering new ones, though this one seems familiar some how. In any case, I retired from the Navy in 1995. Went to work in the private sector until my retirement in 2006 for disability.

                  I was diagnosed with "probable" MS in 1986. It was not until I returned the the states that I got my final diagnosis. I live on the East Coast, but originally from the Midwest. I look forward to chatting with others on this board and sharing useful information. r/Alita



                    Katie here. Retired AD AF. Loved the military. Hate MS...have had it awhile for 10+years, but am stable. Taking Copaxone.

                    I stay out of the VA Hospital as much as possible.



                      Old submariner

                      Wow.... Do I feel old.. (almost 74) Did my 20 years in Submarines. Retired in Jul 1975. Having served on fleet boats, fast attack, and finally boomer's. Have had MS symptoms since early 1975 but finished my 20 and then went to the VA to finally have it DXed in 79, I am service connected and in 1984 got my 100% rating. Still kicking, well with one leg. I have what they called chronic progressive MS, guess that is PPMS today. Don't care what label they put on it, I've got it.

                      Retired in Florida and enjoying what is left of this thing called life.

                      I still hope for a cure in my lifetime, if not surely in yours.. Have a great day...

                      RMC(SS) ret...
                      DX age 36


                        Hey Mike

                        One more submariner ain't going to hurt.
                        BTW, I was a coner ET. I started out on that stuff we had in your compartment then wound up doing electronic nav stuff.


                          Hello, MikeC and GeoMoore,

                          Nice to see 2 more submariners and another RM on here. Welcome.

                          RM1 (SS)
                          USS Tullibee (SSN-597)


                            I'm retired Navy. getting my care through TRICARE. Divorced, 6 grown kids (3 in college). just diagnosed (Jan 2012). Will start meds on the 24th. still processing the DX and all that it means. Symptoms are minor so far. Totally afraid I'll become disabled by this disease.


                              Hello all

                              Navy veteran here, served during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and started experiencing symptoms before I got out in '95 (MRI confirmed MS in '99). Fortunately, I have had good experiences with the various VA facilities and use them exclusively for all my health care. I have retained pretty good functioning through the years but do use a walker all the time and a wheelchair for long-term activities, such as the Pittsburgh Air Show! Gotta love those F-18 Hornets....

                              My family is all military, both parents were Marines and brothers were various cominations of Air Force/Army...had to join the Navy to one-up my
                              I think serving my country was the greatest experience of my life and I continue to reap the benefits 20 years later...the VA has paid for my bachelors degree and are funding my graduate degree in social work, where I hope to work with veterans in the future....Suzanne
                              "Non sibi sed patriae!" ( Not self but country ).


                                Originally posted by USN Veteran View Post
                                both parents were Marines ...had to join the Navy to one-up my
                                I can relate.
                                My Dad was USMC from WW2. When I told him I was signing up I got the stink eye.
                                I asked my Mom if he was ticked I enlisted and she said "Well, I think he wanted you to join the Corps instead".