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    hello everyone

    I just found this board. I am happy to meet all of you; sorry that it is because of MS though.

    I was a Navy officer for nearly 11 years. Got a medical discharge in 1999 for depression and migraines. VA service connected disabilty 70%. Dx RRMS this past November.

    I'm not experiencing many symptoms of MS just yet. I have some jerking in left shoulder and numbness and clumsiness in two smaller fingers of left hand. Some creepy crawly feelings in left arm.

    Taking copaxone. Lots of itching.

    Best wishes to all.
    dx RRMS Nov 2012
    Copaxone started March 2013



      I'm a recently (08/2012), medically retired, Air Force nurse. It was and still is difficult to accept I'm no longer in the military, I really miss it. I know there are plenty of people who get to stay on AD but I was "too unstable" to be kept on duty. I was at Nellis (way too hot), unable to deploy and could no longer work as a bedside nurse, 12hr shifts were impossible.

      Anyway, here I am. 100% disabled vet trying to figure out what's next in life. I'm glad you are all here. )
      Melissa (dx. 3/22/2011)


        Hello Bryan Here
        Diagnosed June2011 after being Medevac'd out of Afghanistan with a handful of issues. Fought a medical retirement and stayed active duty Army. Hasnt been easy but I get by, still do physical training everyday.


          Brief Intro

          Greetings to all,

          I retired from the Air Force in summer of 2001.

          I was diagnosed in June 2011 after ignoring symptoms for probably 10 years. I was hit with a full head on flare in the latter part of April 2011 that finally forced me seek medical evaluation.

          I'm on Copaxone now since July 2011, my neurologist feels I'm stable now so he only wants to see me once a year unless I'm having issues, so far no new issues.




            Hello everyone,

            I am 33yrs old and have been diagnosed with MS after having a finding of 6th Nerve Palsy. In turn I was downrange and was med'vacd to Landstulh, Germany for an MRI. The Neuro doc there said, "probable MS". From there I was flown back to the states and further care was given. I'm currently on the daily injections of Copaxone, and they are annoying. I have 11yrs active service as an SFC, and I am just finished with the Army and the current political differences, so I figured it is time to go. Does anyone out there have any good advice on what is next and what I should do?

            Very Respectfully,


              Start doing your homework.

              For starters, all of us experience MS differently but stress is something you want to learn how to avoid. That sounds too easy, but learn how to work at it.

              As far as meds go, forget about which one is more convenient for your lifestyle- go with the one that works best on your MS. To me, its still a downside that the pill type meds are so new and don't yet have the track record of the older needles. Just understand that once nerves get damaged, its really tough to get them back.

              If its a done deal that you're getting out, your service should have transition planning services. Use the crap out of them.



                That's what I have been told and that is what I am doing, but those needles are just annoying. This is all new to me and I will just have to "suck it up" and drink water, drive on right? I hope it is a done deal because I want to enjoy life and do all the things I haven't done yet. Thanks for the info.



                  My husband served with the 2/506th E. Co, 101st Airborne in Vietnam. He was in the first "shake N'Bake" class in 1967 where they make him a Sgt and sent him off to Vietnam.

                  He was diagnosed with MS in 2004. He went undiagnosed through the VA doctors for about 10 years. They kept telling him he has back problems for his numb feet and foot drop. A private doctor told him he needed a MRI that it was more than back problems. The MRI showed lesions in his neck and brain.

                  He's been on Tysabri since 2006 and has had no new lesions since.
                  Husband Dx'd in 2006. Currently on Tysabri, Gabapentin, Ampyra, Baclofen..


                    Hello. My name is Mike and I am currently an E-8 in the Army. I was DXed end of May this year. I am going thru a Medical Evaluation Board due to the MS. I joined the Army in '92.
                    Diagnosed: May 2013
                    Device: Cane
                    MEDS: Tecfidera


                      New to the forums

                      Hello y'all my name is Jason age 34 I'm on AD SFC (e7), I was just diagnosed 26Sept13. I was working as a Combat Engineer but I'm unsure what the future holds in the Army. I currently have 15 years in, not sure if I want to stay until retirement or just take the med board.
                      I'm currently on betaseron and prednisone for 15 days. I been doing ton of research, and will go back on the Paleo diet and continue to Crossfit once my vision returns. I think the con fog is the worst part of this condition. I'm married with 2 girls and 2 dogs.

                      Anyways that's a little about me also I'm station in Missouri, it sucks I miss Texas

                      Cheers Jason



                        Hello all,

                        Name is Greg. I work for the US Army in Europe at SHAPE Belgium. Was diagnosed in 2004 with RRMS and recently progressed to SPMS. Was able to get the service connected VA disability rating using the 7 year rule.

                        I am married with a set of twin 16 year old boys (17 on 1st of January. Haven't been in the states except for visits for 20 years. Wife is a school teacher for the DoD.

                        Still on Capaxone but thinking about stopping since progressed to SPMS. Look forward to chatting with you all and learning all that I can
                        Gregory S. Wilcox
                        Regular Guy with MS


                          Hello, I am the brother of an Air Force vet. I recently joined MSwrold to educate myself about my brothers situation. We don't have allot of family were we live, so I think I will be involved in his life as a care taker. I'v already learned a lot.


                            Still on AD...for now

                            Hello all, I've been in the Air Force for 10 years and I'm just starting the Med Board process for the second time. Based on the feedback I'm getting from my commander and doctor, it's likely that I won't be returned to active duty and will soon join this honored group we call veterans.

                            I'm currently stationed in Hawaii and I've been married for 13 years with 3 kids all under 11.

                            I posted my diagnosis story on the main page, but I can give you a BLUF to save you from going back there. I was diagnosed with RRMS last June after having a history of optic neuritis and numbness/tingling symptoms in my legs and arms. I initially started out on Avonex, but it wasn't working out so I'm now on Tecfidera.

                            If any of you have insights on how the MEB/PEB process will work for me, I'd appreciate hearing your perspective. Thanks!


                              Hello from Disabled Vet New to MS World

                              Hello, Nice to meet all of you. I'm a S/C disabled vet (former Army officer). I was diagonosed in 1998 (after having incorrectly diagnosed symptoms for many years. Took Avonex for 5 years, Rebif for 12 years. Just recently have had bad liver function numbers after 17 years of Interferons. I'm off all MS meds for 2 months and then starting Tecfedera.

                              I'm happy not to be doing injections after 17 years. A little nervous about starting Tecfedera.

                              FYI, the PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America) veterans service officer helped me with all VA claims and I had great experience and results. Highly recommend them---all vets with MS are eligible for membership in PVA and can use their VSOs for free.


                                Originally posted by saildawg69 View Post
                                . Now im attempting to file a claim and my service rep. told me to wait until the PTSD claim is done. I think i should put one in now. What anyone else think? Art
                                My only concern about waiting to file is that the sooner you file, the sooner your effective date is if approved. I have had an appeal pending since 2010. When I called the VA to check the status, I was told to file a new claim since I had been waiting so long. I had to educate the VSO that if I filed a new claim, it would restart the clock.
                                Symptoms started around 2000, Diagnosed with RRMS April 2014, On Copaxone.