A Healing Feeling – Poem

A Healing Feeling – Poem

Roger Forsythe

To Him who has the power to heal Transform from the image of light Dissolve from the rusted, crusted seal A true vision, to regain our sight

Break, from the bondage of doubt Those who could, but would not Bring forth, through that silent shout A sharing soul, and a giving heart

Shatter the silence of pain..with the heart’s Laughter, filling each and every space That was hollowed by numbness, and broken in parts And left us for dead, bleeding, all over the place

Live eternally grateful, for the chance to be In harmony with all of life’s dealings Cast away pain, that prevents us to see The paths ahead, endowed with feelings

Look not for others, to give us joy For it is rather..what we truly share Of our heart’s desire, we must employ Boundless of reason, just souls showing bare

For then, and only then, will our shadows wane In light, in love, and never be stricken again