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Until MSWorld's 18th Birthday

Welcome to MSWorld

MSWorld 2014 The Magic of Helping Others


  This video is a story about 6 people meeting for support online in 1996.

18 years later MSWorld is the largest patient run MS website in the world, with 100,000 members and growing. Our volunteers all live with MS and together we are changing the way people live with MS, worldwide.

The music composition on this video is by an up and coming composer Jasper Freedom. His work is worthy of applause!

Please share our message with your family and friends.

We need your help! Thank you!




We've come together from around the world to help each other cope with the challenges of living with Multiple Sclerosis.


"Together we grow personally and collectively while creating a current and vital organization. Each day is an opportunity to set a new level of excellence for patient support, unmatched by any other."


"Wellness is a State of Mind" and together we create a better day.


Kathleen Wilson MA, MFA


MSWorld, Inc.


CMSC 2014

The Consortium of Mulitple Sclerosis Centers

  2014 Annual Meeting

For all MSWorld coverage on CMSCClick Here