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    I'm looking for some help. I have had SEVERE constipation for 20+ years, diagnosed with MS 13 years ago. My MD's feel that the constipation is MS related. I have been taking colchicine (a medication for gout)-I do not have gout 0.6 mgs 4 pills a day for this condition and it works fantastic. They have stopped making the generic rx and my M.D. has switched me to Amitiza with NO effect on my constipation. I am hoping that they will put me back on the colchicine name brand-very $$$. If they don't put me on that, I'm looking to the MS community for help and ideas on what has worked for your constipation. HELP please!

    #2 might have to adjust the dose to more than "normal" if your constipation is resisitent to the usual dose. At regular dose I notice a difference in about 3 days, at double dose, it takes a day. It's what they give now for colonoscopy prep. Causes no cramps, just pulls moisture to the bowel.

    Also, there's a Magnesium powder called mix it with water, and it works well if you make the dose large enough.

    Neither one of those are laxatives in the true sense of the word, so they're not recommended for only a short length of time.


      Prunes and raisins in my cooked cereal in the mornings. Also make sure you are drinking enough water and getting exercise.
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        Dulcolax or a generic of it helps.
        It's available over the counter, no script needed.

        Drink plenty of fluids.
        Including plenty of foods with fiber is important.
        Here is a list:

        And exercise, even walk each day if possible.

        This issue is unfortunately a problem for many with MS.
        A medical professional once told me get on a schedule.
        He said it is important to eliminate because what needs to go can be toxic to the body.
        He also stated that a person should go at least once a week, minimum.


          Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I had tried all of your suggestions before with no luck. I was lucky in that my MD did prescribe the brand name Cochicine, so hopefully tomorrow I will back on track.


            I agree with the Miralax. Read down and saw that it did not help you. Did you try it for a few days? Try a larger dose of it? I am sorry you have to resort to cochicine.
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              My wife who cannot move I have been treating for constipation for many years, so that she actually moves her bowels almost daily.

              I do it by giving her a diluted mix of MOVICOL daily.

              I simply mix one satchel of MOVICOL into one glass(approx 100ml) of water and give her only 20ml which is basically a table spoon.

              here is an info link on it

              Here in AUstralia it is covered under our PBS precription scheme so it only cost the cost of a chemist script. It is covered under "Neurological disorder"

              you can take up to 8 satchels per day i think.

              I found doing a small dose reguarily prevents any constipation rather than wait for constipation and then take large doses.

              Talk to your doctor about MOVICOL.



                I've been dx'd with MS for 13 years. I started having this problem after about 5 years. I use a vegetable laxitive with senna. Generic is "equate" at Walmart. Its cheap and keeps me regular. I take 2-3 pills at night before bed and in morning I have a movement. hope it helps.


                  i was going to mention movicol too, but i note the other post was from australia too so i am not sure if the brand name is known in US, it is a magnesium based product- it is in the class known as osmotic laxatives that are very effective and used for many people with severe disabilities- they draw fluid back into the large bowel to make things easy to pass

                  another version i have used that is cheaper than movicol is called OSMOLAX- in some ways i like this one better as it is completely tasteless and can be added to any liquid, hot or cold, the active ingrdient in this one is macrogol (just in case the brand name is not known in US)- neither of these cause cramps or gas which is always a plus


                    It sounds terrible. But hope you everything is ok.


                      it looks like osmolax is under our PBS scheme too so it can get it on a script

                      Movicol used to be only available by script under the guise of palliative care but is now available under "neurological disorder". not sure about osmolax though.


                        i don;t think osmolax is on the PBS but it is a good deal cheaper than movicol so paying full price "doesn't hurt". movicol is one of the 1st choices for prescrition laxative here, for patients with disabilities. thats for a number of reasons, amongst which are that it is not habit forming in the way that some laxatives are which means its not adding to the issue. Doctors will often prescribe basic bowel programs based on movicol, and unlike some programs that are complicated, these can be quite simple and easy for visiting carers to deal with. It can even be used (under medical supervision) if a person is impacted, a situation that can be very distressing.

                        there are others in the class of osmotic laxative too, all are very effective while being quite gentle but some are a bit more pricey

                        there is one other product that i have used in the past that was pretty good for occasional problems. it was called NULAX and was a not particularly appealing looking stuff that was basicall a mixture of dried fruits, seeds that tasted mainly of figs/dates- it comes in blocks and you just tear off a lump about teaspoon sized, just do not be heavy handed or cramping etc could be the result- once again i am not sure if it is available in the US- a lot of nursing homes used to use it here though


                          Osmolax sounds similar to something we have here in the US called Miralax ( it is available without a prescription , and generics are available). You mix one cap full or one packet in 8 ounces of water and drink daily.

                          With doctor or pharmacist approval, you can increase the daily dosage for indefinite lengths of time as needed.
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                            I have ms and find that I too get very constipated. I find that by eating two licorice haribo spirals it keeps me regular and it is natural no pills or syrups.



                              Hi all,
                              I am from England and have always had bad constipation as a result of my MS. Recently discovered a wonderful product which has helped enormously and it is totally natural! Flaxseed. I buy it ready ground from our local health food shop and a teaspoon a day on a bowl of cornflakes has done the trick. At first I took too much and developed diarrhoea (English spelling so apologies if not same as in USA) so adjust the dose until you find what works for you.
                              Good luck, Julie