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    heard good reports about the flaxseed but never tried it. My problems these days is that i do not have good control and there are many things that will wok but if not careful may not leave enough warning time to get to the bathroom and i have met others with MS who have this kind of issue- can be a bit of a balancing act- Movicol is great because it does avoid that all or nothing kind of issue- what was recommended was as a background, take one sachet, but if no luck take 2 sachets, then next day take 3 if no luck up to 4- it is possible to 8 sachets but that is recommended for impaction (medically diagnosed) and they recommend medical supervision after 4 sachets basically to make sure that there is no impaction. But once i got into a pattern one sachet a day is right to keep things going OK unless something about diet etc changes

    if the name movicol is not recognised in other countries, the main ingredient is macrogol and also magnesium. I am glad that you can get your colchicine again but it is a harsh way to have to deal with constipation- when people take it for gout in an acute attack they tell them to stop when it starts to give loose bowels but i guess if it works and you are under your docs supervision - its a pity to have to try to start again



      Eat better. Your body won't have to work as hard to digest healthier foods. Drink more water and cut way back on meat of all kinds and heavily processed foods, including bread and pasta. Your body will thank you.
      Originally posted by jmm9503 View Post
      Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I had tried all of your suggestions before with no luck. I was lucky in that my MD did prescribe the brand name Cochicine, so hopefully tomorrow I will back on track.


        Hi OP. Dx'd about 3-4 years ago. After being on Copaxone it made my MS worse (within about 18 months of use) and i was talking into taking Tecfidera. It changed my digestive system. My digestive system and teeth were the target for that drug. So 4 months of that and it was time to ditch it.

        My teeth were sensitive as if I had them whitened everyday. I could not eat/drink anything unless it was room temp and it still hurt. My stomach ached a bit, my lower back was bothering me. After about a month of that, Pain Management Dr. prescribed me so Vicodin 7,5/300 and it helped. About the 4th month in I was needing more and more pain meds. This obviously didn't help the situation. I have never taken pain meds before so I had no idea they can contribute to the issue. I stopped all pain meds and tecfidera after being hospitalized for pain.

        Dr.s wanted to blame my MS. However, while in hospital had a colonoscopy. The flush alleviated my issues. This tells me its PHYSICAL. So i have been dealing with this problem for 8 months. I seem to have to talk Milk of Magnesium about every 2-3 weeks or else pain comes back.

        I do believe that Tecfidera altered my digestive system. I hope not permanently. I take probiotics for the past 10 days and things seem to be getting better.
        I am looking for a good GI DR now. I believe I may have something called "leaky gut" perhaps many of us have it and its the cause of our MS?

        My confidence in the medical establishments have plummeted.
        The internet seems to be outgrowing the medical practitioners. I just need them to write me a script. I stay away from most drugs, except a few.
        I will not be a testing specimen for these drug companies who lobbied, bribed, falsified documentation to get their drugs approved.
        Flush your system out...milk of magnesium works great. It's only 1 night!
        Try probiotics to see if they help you.
        Eat softer foods.
        Best wishes.

        ** Moderator's note - Post broken into paragraphs for easier reading. Many people with MS have visual difficulties that prevent them from reading large blocks of print. **


          Home remedy etc

          I have had some major issues with this lately.

          I have had luck with a few things that are not medical laxatives.

          1. Upon waking squeeze the juice of one half a lemon in to about 10 to 12 ounces of warm water.
          Drink it down, and if you can remain vertical (Standing) ,walk about for about 10-15 minutes.

          This worked for me about 70& of the time.

          2. My Ex-girlfriend, who was dealing with severe constipation problems steered me to the website, where I purchased this group of things called Colorectal Recovery Program. Sounds like quackery, but it works well. The main thing is Hydro-C which you drink when you wake up. Sound familiar? Yep it has Vit C in it just like those lemons in suggestion #1.

          3. I have also been using Dr Schulze Intestinal Formula #1, which has a few herbal things, among them is senna, which I am not too happy about, but it works, and you can "tune yourself" by taking one, 2 or 3 capsules.

          Water, water, water, too. The more you are hydrated, the better your insides work. Did I say, "Water"?

          All the best!
          Jim S.