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How are you and what are you doing with this pandemic stay at home time?

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    How are you and what are you doing with this pandemic stay at home time?

    Haven't heard much from you all lately and wondering how you are all doing? Well enough, I hope, considering!

    I'm wondering what you are doing to pass the time? Maybe your suggestions may help inspire someone else to break away from your TV or phone while you wait out this pandemic. Maybe someone else might want to try something new from your ideas?

    Are some of you still going to work or working from home?
    If you are out and about, is physical distancing working?
    Are you used to staying at home anyway?
    Are you stressed out or depressed?

    I'm outside a lot with wonderful weather so I feel blessed in that way. Listening to birds with their mating calls. Working in the garden and reading lots more. Trying new recipes with what I have available and glad my husband will try anything

    Still, all in all, it's sometimes hard to maintain at times. It's getting old - this waiting.
    Please let me know how you are doing.
    Be strong and take care!
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    Hi seasha, DH and I are doing very well. Staying home ordering groceries and having them delivered
    or DH will pick up in the drive thru line.

    For the last few days I have been making face mask for family and to donate. They are the cloth mask that has been reported people should start wearing. JOANN Fabrics is taking mask donations that are distributed around the nation where there is a need. Not a 100% just a little extra protection.

    JOANNS has a 100 Million mask challenge as of yesterday they are half way there. I found a website where a nurse is showing how to make them for healthcare workers so I started making those today.
    I have made three different kinds.

    It has made the days fly by and you feel you are doing something to help.

    I said all of this in case others wanted to sew masks.

    Thank you seasha for asking and I am glad you are doing well.
    God Bless Us All


      I'm okay, but increasingly stressed and frustrated. I want to work outside, but we've gotten a dusting of snow every night for the last week, and I'm going through a spell of being cold constantly. I had to dig out my warmest winter pajamas and spend my days wrapped in several comforters and hugging the hot water bottle.

      I also can't use the grocery pickup that I've successfully used for months, because the site's down every time I want groceries, and I can't send someone else because they're no longer updating what they have in stock. I only get groceries once a month, and the 1- and 2-item limits on literally everything make things difficult.

      Our grocery stores were sold out even before the quarantine orders came through, so the pickings have been very slim. I wasn't able to get eggs, milk, butter, bread, or meat for nearly 2 months, and they still don't have the easy-to-fix meals I was dependent on for so long. I was wearing myself out having to actually cook, and I had to resort to some very bland meals. Fortunately, the store actually had food the other day, so I should be okay for a while.

      On a good note, my new riding mower is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. It's an automatic(!!!!), which I didn't even know was a thing. I've always found mowing to be very relaxing, and I'm hoping that this new mower will allow me to get outside more without leaving me crippled for days.

      Also, our state Extension Office and an herb blog I follow have offered free online courses for this month, so I signed up for several of them. I finished the first one yesterday, and it was a lot of fun!

      I think I'll be fine once the weather warms up and I can at least sit outside in the sunshine. Right now, the dog and I are getting on each other's nerves.


        Doing well Seasha.

        My husband wound up retiring a little early due to the virus. So part of it is getting a handle on retirement benefits.

        Our church's Outreach House has been inundated with donations as people housebound have been cleaning out clothes and housewears. So my normal 2 hours a week volunteering is closer to 8 to sort thru. We also received a pallet of food for the food pantry. Clients are referred by churches in the area. We are up to 200 families, 120 was the count in February, so the need is rising.

        I have helped some with the garden but can't keep up with Paul. I also started back on family genealogy on ancestry. Really far on my Dad's side, Mom's side is harder - very common Irish last names. Paul and I have started playing cards and old board games. I also have a puzzle going, along with coloring. Revisiting my childhood I guess😀

        I have enjoyed the outside when I can. Try to get a daily walk in. Actually read on the porch for an hour today.

        I have also decided to do old school letter writing. I figure if I get one or two out a week, it will be a nice surprise for friends and family.

        On a side note, my husband went to order the 4 tomato plant variations we like, but 3 of the big seed companies are sold out of all varieties!!!! I guess everyone is gardening this year.
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          I'm just following the stay at home order.

          Hubby and I got out a few times and stayed in the vehicle:
          -. Went on a "bear hunt" 🐻, looking for stuffed bears in windows.
          - looked at the beautiful blossoms in the Bradford pear and chanticleer trees. 🌲
          - our community has had a "dragging Main" night for four Saturdays in a row. Twice, we went and parked at one end and watched all the vehicles.

          I've had some opportunities to Zoom:.
          - Sunday school
          - my circle of Hope group
          - my In.Form health maintenance group

          I watch our church worship service on YouTube.

          We order takeout food once or twice a week to support local restaurants.

          I'm doing more video chats with my daughter, making more phone calls with my Dad and having more email contact with my siblings.

          Hubby buys groceries or picks up at Walmart. He is now working from home. Gas new assigned responsibilities -- phone help desk (mostly software) instead if field technician (hardware). Lots of new things for him to learn and lots of stress.

          I'm bored. I miss getting out of the house. I'm not motivated to exercise, etc. But things could B worse.
          ~ Faith
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          - In 2008, I was back in limbo briefly, then re-dx w/ MS: JUL08

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          - Began receiving SSDI / LTD NOV08. Not employed. I volunteer in my church and community.


            My husband and I get out for a short walk each morning with masks and distancing. Some days we can go to the stores which are still stocked very well. Our neighborhood is in the ancient section of Rome and everything is walking distance. Pharmacies, groceries and now some fruit and veggie stands have opened up in the piazza. Everyone is distancing very well.

            After we get home we watch old movies and I practice two word games on my computer. I am also studying to improve my Italian. We also have a Sunday night prosecco with our upstairs neighbor on Skype. I miss seeing my son but we speak on the phone for an hour or so every day. He lives about an hour from me in a small town and he sends me videos sometimes of his morning walk in the country feeding the horses carrots!

            I am grateful that we are doing so well under the circumstances. I hope everyone can stay safe.


              Hi everyone

              I keep busy with ADL's (activities of daily living), exercises, music meditation/prayer, connecting with family and friends, online French language lessons, watching old classic movies, and MS World!

              I am never bored, as there is always something to do, someone to connect with, or something to learn. It takes me longer to do things, and so my day often goes by too fast!

              My sister (care helper) brings groceries and comes over to help me - wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping distanced as best as she can.

              I feel very fortunate and very grateful.

              Take Care
              PPMS for 26 years (dx 1998)
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                We are doing fine Seasha. Glad to see you are enjoying the good weather.
                I'm still punching the clock at the shop and my wife is still nursing at the hospital. The kiddos are at home so we have been coming up with ways to keep them engaged with school work and having them do household chores throughout the day. Without extra curricular activities we are spending more time together which is a great thing.
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                  It's good to hear from you all and knowing that you are well!

                  I'm wondering if any of you, like me, are using this time to do spring cleaning of closets, etc to get rid of unnecessary things. A few weeks ago we cleaned out our storage closet and clothes closet - One huge black plastic bag and 3 boxes of stuff and clothes. But Goodwill and Salvation Army are closed.

                  One of our rural local businesses closed for the duration and needed funds so they are hosting a huge garage sale for the community, so we donated everything to them. I love hearing how grassroots efforts are helping those in need nationwide.

                  Husband and I are ordering take out dinner (curbside pickup) from the nearest town this weekend This is a first for us. I can't remember the last time we went out for dinner! I consider this a date night

                  We are also doing lots of video chats with our grandchildren and this lights up our souls. Even managed a whole family Zoom session which was quite comical with everyone all talking at the same time! lol

                  Keep the stories coming!
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                    I'm considered essential.

                    My husband and I are both considered "essential workers". I work for a hospital and he is a hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator. He's been able to work from home. I work from home 2 days a week and am in the office one day a week. I work 3 12 hr shifts per week. It's good to get in the office one day. Breaks up my time.

                    We have a 13 year old son on the spectrum. He has lots of unanswerable questions. He sees things as black and white. Why can't we tell him the date it will end (wouldn't we all like to know)? He is doing school on line. We take the dog for a walk around the block every afternoon. My husband and I share responsibilites.

                    I'll admit I'm resting a lot on my days off. Hubby is always super understanding. I'm thankful I can work from home. Thankful I can get some rest when I'm not working. Thankful for being able to spend more time with my son (when he's not acting teenagery).

                    Stay well, everyone.


                      It's really been good to catch up with everyone. Thanks for sharing what's going on in your lives.

                      Keep 'em coming!
                      ~ Faith
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                      (now a Mimibug)

                      Symptoms began in JAN02
                      - Dx with RRMS in OCT03, following 21 months of limbo, ruling out lots of other dx, and some "probable stroke" and "probable CNS" dx for awhile.
                      - In 2008, I was back in limbo briefly, then re-dx w/ MS: JUL08

                      - Betaseron NOV03-AUG08; Copaxone20 SEPT08-APR15; Copaxone40 APR15-present
                      - Began receiving SSDI / LTD NOV08. Not employed. I volunteer in my church and community.


                        I have to say that I am doing fine. I've had nearly 2 years to settle into living alone and it's really ok. I actually needed time alone.

                        The weird thing is that my MS is quiet for the first time since 2001! I think I have finally achieved a real remission!

                        Still have the usual year long sinus and allergy stuff and my Gastritis is kicking up a little more (on and off). But, I've avoided doctors!

                        Spending more time cooking and eating. What's up with that? I'm only one mouth here! Of course, I give my son lots of extras. But he's only one mouth too. I had pretty much stopped cooking while Sam was so sick... neither of us could eat. So I'm enjoying mixing stuff up. But I've noticed that my cooking skills have suffered.

                        Still binge watching my old sitcom DVD's... I can just about recite them by heart. But, if something makes me laugh, I'm all in!

                        Best to each of you. Keep connected during this strange time in history! Has anyone noticed that the weather seems to be more active right now?

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                          I have been so stressed and depressed with all of this. I am an essential worker so i continue to go into the office. I have my own so we are able to social distance. It's nice to have some "normalcy" during all this.

                          My stress is from wedding planning. I'm supposed to get married June 20th and i need to mail out invites next week. The venue will not let us reschedule as they said if they are open and able to have a wedding on June 20th, we lose our deposit since we could have had it. Our Governor just extended staying home until May 15th (live in NY). I don't know what to do and go between risking having the wedding or saying forget it and eat the deposit. My dress is locked up in a bridal shop and guys can't get measured for suits. I've waited 6 years to walk down the aisle and feel like it's slipping away. My bridal shower and bachloerette have already been rescheduled until later this year but really wanted to get married. I know others have it much worse and sounds like such a first world problem however stress is causing my fatigue and i have no energy to do anything. I get home from work and want to just sit on the couch. Even getting dressed has gone from doing my hair, looking professional to jeans, sweatshirt and hair in messy bun.

                          Outside of stressing, my fiance does all the public errands (store, etc). He is also essential employee. My three year old goes to sitter's house (alone with no other kids) and then comes home. She doesn't understand why she isn't seeing any of our family. She is used to seeing both her grandma's on the weekend and she hasn't seen them in over a month.

                          The positive part has been using zoom and houseparty to connect with family. At least we can see each other's faces!
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                            Ah Jennaly - I really feel for you. I can't even imagine that one of the most important events in your life has run into road blocks. And only a week to decide!

                            Did you sign a contract with the venue? Will they be willing to reschedule your wedding rather than cancel it?

                            I can't imagine what June will look like in June there in NY, from all that I've heard. But, if the venue is open by then and they are not willing to renegotiate, maybe you can get creative with physical distancing at the venue and have someone there tape it for you to stream or Zoom or whatever (I;m not really knowledgeable with all the latest technology)

                            You might want to add a note to your mail out invitations that the date may change. Even a hand written note would do. If you have a wedding website, you can add changes there too.

                            Who knows? Maybe it will be a unique lasting memory for many happy years to come. Imagine telling your grandchildren how it unfolded!

                            I know your stressed - many folks are when approaching their wedding, but with orchestrating a Plan B, you will take some stress away - I hope!
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                              Hi Jennaly16,

                              You definitely have your share of stress.

                              A friend's son is getting married in September, and they are struggling with the same decision. They are worried that even if things open up, it will come back around by then with schools opening and cooler whether coming in. They also worry about out of town guests being able to and/or willingness to travel. Not sure if you have out of towners to worry about.

                              The couple is leaning towards cancelling, but getting married anyway, then at a later date, renewing their vows in front of family and friends and have the big party then. His Mom said they would still do a bridal shower and all the other wedding rituals. She said their church will allow the wedding, with immediate family and appropriate social distancing.

                              They also figured if they didn't cancel, they would be stressed round the clock til the day if the wedding, wondering will it or won't it happen.

                              As essential employees, I hope you, your fiancee, and son remain healthy and well. Lots of luck to you.
                              DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri