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How are you and what are you doing with this pandemic stay at home time?

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    Glad to see that lots of you aren't struggling too much during this unprecedented time. I'm doing well, bored, but well. My heart is broken for all of you who have plans later in the year. My son was supposed to get married on March 21. One week before the wedding the venue offered a bigger ballroom so people won't be too close together plus a "bridal suite" where his bride and her wedding party could get ready there. 2 days later the City of Toronto banned anything for over 50 people, 2 days after that it went down to 20 people and a couple of days later anything that was not deemed an essential service had to close. Funny side story... the Marijuana shops are deemed and essential service and the government pot website tripled their orders lol.

    The bride's Mom works for WestJet and got COVID-19 so everyone in that house were isolated. It went from bad to worse.

    They just wanted to get married so the bride, my son, and their witnesses, their photographer, my youngest daughter, my husband and I went to a beautiful park and they got married there. Thank God their officiator was willing to still do their wedding. My oldest daughter and her husband couldn't go because she was 9 weeks pregnant and didn't want to take a chance. 2 days after that our cities started to close parks and give fines to anyone who wasn't observing "social distancing" so they literally got it in on the last day possible.

    The venue offered to give them their money back or re-book so they re-booked for March 20 next year and they will have their 115 guests be there to see them, they will be saying their vows again and a true celebration will be had.

    So my husband, my youngest daughter and I will be quarantining with our 3 cats and dog. Playing tons of Yahtzee, poker and crib and binge watching some Netflix stuff. Eating our faces off too. I'm really relieved to hear how most of you are getting through it. Please stay well, as the saying goes, "this too shall pass".

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      Originally posted by Jennaly16 View Post
      ... I know others have it much worse and sounds like such a first world problem however ...
      A first world problem is still a problem. You've put effort into planning, and your heart into anticipation.

      It's sad that the venue chooses not to be flexible on rescheduling. We're all in this together. I wish they had your back.
      ~ Faith
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      - In 2008, I was back in limbo briefly, then re-dx w/ MS: JUL08

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        We are considered essential also, construction and the commercial fisheries. However things are so slow. I have been using the spare time to do some projects on the property... that all my life I dreamed of doing if I only had the time. All of your stories are so interesting.
        My wife has been working from home and has been enjoying the being home part. We are enjoying the quiet part of all this with no expected or unexpected visitors. Selfish I know. We have five children and eight grandchildren. We see some in the yard at distance and others on face time. Every body is doing well. I know some aren’t and that is disturbing. Good luck everyone and we need to help the ones less fortunate somehow.
        It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.


          I also swore that last year was to be my last for the garden and live stock. I was all done being a slave to them. Now I’m seeing that it’s more important now to continue than ever
          It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.


            Originally posted by Seasha View Post
            Haven't heard much from you all lately and wondering how you are all doing? Well enough, I hope, considering!

            I'm wondering what you are doing to pass the time? Maybe your suggestions may help inspire someone else to break away from your TV or phone while you wait out this pandemic. Maybe someone else might want to try something new from your ideas?

            Are some of you still going to work or working from home?
            If you are out and about, is physical distancing working?
            Are you used to staying at home anyway?
            Are you stressed out or depressed?

            Still, all in all, it's sometimes hard to maintain at times. It's getting old - this waiting.
            Please let me know how you are doing.
            Be strong and take care!
            hey guys! I’m not doing well. Sad all the time and finding it hard to even get out of bed. I still love my job but so much is asked of us...and then we have to watch people PROTEST to open the country and increase their chance of getting sick and sickening others. These people end up in the hospital and we risk our lives to save them when they wouldn’t stay home for us.

            Good, otherwise healthy patients are really going through it with Covid. One of my jobs as an ultrasound technologist is to go up to the Covid floors and check patients’ legs for blood clots. Covid can cause clotting disorders so people who’ve never had blood clots (dvt) in their lives have them now. One more thing for them to have to fight, and they fight alone. No visitors. No family.

            I ended up coming out to my boss about having MS and being on Tysabri after one of my coworkers tested positive. I’ve been allowed to cut my hours back a bit but I’m having a hard time balancing my desire to equally share in this responsibility with my desire to not get Covid. I just know the relapse after fighting off something like that would be MAGNIFICENT. As a result I find myself at home on my off days hoping I can sleep “the time of Covid” away and wake up in the future afterwards. Please let there be an afterwards soon.

            All that said, a big thank you to those of you who can sew (I can’t) and are making cloth masks. They’re a godsend! They allow us to show some personality to patients when they can’t see our faces (I have one with fish and polka dots) and it cheers them up just a bit since they can’t see my smile. ❤️ Stay safe everyone!
            "It matters not how strait the gate,
            How charged with punishments the scroll,
            I am the master of my fate,
            I am the captain of my soul." ˜William Ernest Henley


              Dear DPL2014,

              First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for facing the frontlines and the daunting responsibilities you have faced during this time. I don't know where you are working, but I'm not sure what I would do in your shoes.

              I only hope and pray that you keep yourself safe and so glad you are given a little extra time off to rest and recuperate.
              Be well and safe
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                Hello DPL2014, I'm sorry you are feeling sad. It's understandable, especially having MS and helping people with Covid-19.

                I thank God for healthcare workers like your self and I highly appreciate all of you.

                I pray this is over soon and I will be praying for you.
                God Bless Us All


                  Thanks REG and Seasha! Just really anxious for things to get back to normal. Hoping they come up with a medication to treat and a vaccine to prevent Covid soon.
                  "It matters not how strait the gate,
                  How charged with punishments the scroll,
                  I am the master of my fate,
                  I am the captain of my soul." ˜William Ernest Henley


                    Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I'm lucky to not be down to the wire exactly yet but need to make a decision soon! All of our other vendors are very happy to reschedule, it's the venue being not so nice however i get it, they are a small business. It's just been a rough few months and this was something to look forward to.

                    In the end can't complain too much. It's not the end of a relationship, just change in plans

                    Everyone stay safe! I love hearing how other people in other states/countries are doing since it always sounds negative here!
                    Dx March 2018; possible first episode: August 2011
                    Tysabri May 2018-June 2019, Mayzent July 2019


                      Hi Seasha,

                      Thank you for posting this. We would all like to know how everyone is managing and God willing we are all safe.

                      I started out with the realization that I was going to have to get real creative. The first challenge was trying to get basic necessities. For me that is gloves, paper products and disinfectants. This are things I use all the time. I was making phone calls and my helper was scouring all the stores every day. The goldmine was finding 99.8% isopropyl alcohol at Ace Hardware. It comes in a gallon can and I dilute it with distilled water.

                      Then, I realized we are going to be making our own masks. After researching it, I got out my grandmother’s antique Featherweight sewing machine and started inventing ways to do it correctly. It’s been fun having a project like that now and feeling like I am helping in a small way to stop the spread of a global threat. I have made 6 of them now. Family and friends all want one.

                      It’s almost time for spring planting. Since everyone wants to garden now there is a major shortage of seeds.

                      All and all I enjoy the challenge of times like this. We are all facing the same fears and the same goals. It’s a war effort.


                        Originally posted by palmtree View Post
                        Then, I realized we are going to be making our own masks. After researching it, I got out my grandmother’s antique Featherweight sewing machine and started inventing ways to do it correctly. It’s been fun having a project like that now and feeling like I am helping in a small way to stop the spread of a global threat. I have made 6 of them now. Family and friends all want one.
                        So glad you and others are doing this! I should get out my sewing machine and make some too. DH and I went grocery shopping today (he shopped and I stayed in the car) and was amazed at all the decorative fabrics that everyone was using for masks.

                        It’s almost time for spring planting. Since everyone wants to garden now there is a major shortage of seeds.
                        Tell me about it! I've gardened for years and have never seen such shortage of veggie starts as well.
                        Sometime said the increase of gardens is like the Victory gardens of WWII. So, yes, like a war effort.

                        This was the year I was going to cut way back and also have my gardening daughter who lives 30 miles away help me. Well,that's not gonna happen, so I'm back at it - slowly and with difficulty.
                        Wish me luck!
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                          Hello everyone.
                          I'm actually a caregiver for my husband DX in 2009 and have had to work from home since all of this started. He usually has a caretaker that comes in while I am at work but since COVID-19 it has been just me. Luckily he has been healthy through all of this but I'm sure we're both ready to pull each other's hair out.

                          I understand this is mainly for people DX with MS but was wondering if anyone knew if there was a caregiver's site/forum/chat available similar to this? I've scanned through the forum topics and have gone into the chat room but didn't see anything on the calendar. I could have sworn there was a night in a chat room that was dedicated to caregivers.

                          Thank you and hope everyone stays safe & healthy!



                            Thank you Brenda for posting here in support for your husband and you yourself too.

                            I think there was a chat time for caregivers but that was some time ago. I'm sure that if you addressed that in a regular chat session, someone would be there to listen - the same as here in the message boards.

                            We do have a forum here called the Family room where you can post your concerns.

                            As far as a specific site/forum for Caregivers there is this-

                            You might find this to be of help too -

                            I'm sorry you have lost his caregiver during this time. I'm sure it has been a challenge, as it's been a challenging time for many of us. And I get it about pulling your hair out! My husband and I have had our share of arguments and disagreements. One time we didn't even speak to each other for over 24 hours.

                            I hope you can find time for yourself and you both stay healthy and safe
                            1st sx '89 Dx '99 w/RRMS - SP since 2010
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                              Thank you Seasha for all the information.
                              I'm definitely going to look over each of them.
                              I'm sure I'll be posting again soon. I've got so many questions about my husband's current 'state' that I honestly do not know where else to go for opinions, thoughts, recommendations, etc.. I just have to gather my thoughts on it.

                              Thanks again!
                              Stay safe & healthy always!


                                Originally posted by Jennaly16 View Post
                                I have been so stressed and depressed with all of this. I am an essential worker so i continue to go into the office. I have my own so we are able to social distance. It's nice to have some "normalcy" during all this.

                                My stress is from wedding planning. I'm supposed to get married June 20th and i need to mail out invites next week. The venue will not let us reschedule as they said if they are open and able to have a wedding on June 20th, we lose our deposit since we could have had it. Our Governor just extended staying home until May 15th (live in NY). I don't know what to do and go between risking having the wedding or saying forget it and eat the deposit. My dress is locked up in a bridal shop and guys can't get measured for suits. I've waited 6 years to walk down the aisle and feel like it's slipping away. My bridal shower and bachloerette have already been rescheduled until later this year but really wanted to get married. I know others have it much worse and sounds like such a first world problem however stress is causing my fatigue and i have no energy to do anything. I get home from work and want to just sit on the couch. Even getting dressed has gone from doing my hair, looking professional to jeans, sweatshirt and hair in messy bun.

                                Outside of stressing, my fiance does all the public errands (store, etc). He is also essential employee. My three year old goes to sitter's house (alone with no other kids) and then comes home. She doesn't understand why she isn't seeing any of our family. She is used to seeing both her grandma's on the weekend and she hasn't seen them in over a month.

                                The positive part has been using zoom and houseparty to connect with family. At least we can see each other's faces!

                                This may be a first world problem but I think a woman from any part of the world can relate to the stress of having uncertainty about such an important day of her life. And, covid-19 does not care what part of the world you live in. It can ravage your village all the same. In a way, this pandemic has made us all from the same world.

                                I don’t know how much the deposit is for the wedding venue but, since you are working, you deserve to have this stress taken off of you. I would postpone the wedding without telling the owners of the wedding place. Then, if they cancel it on you, you get your deposit back. If they still haven’t cancelled it the day before (or whatever the cancellation date in the contract stipulates) then tell them you are canceling it. They are playing chicken with you about the deposit but two can play that game. It’s a 50/50 gamble but it’s what I would do.

                                This brings back memories of the summer of my wedding. It was 1983. I had met the man of my dreams. We were planning the wedding. In those days it was still customary for the family of the bride to pay for the wedding expenses. This also means that the mother of the bride controls every detail. I was working at a job that I hated, studying for the architectural license exam and keeping a fiancé happy in June. The wedding was planned for the end of July. My M-F job was to draw plans of tables and chairs for hotel interiors. Underneath the plan of the hotel lobby was a floor plan of my parents backyard, the wedding venue. Whenever I got a chance I would untape the plan of the hotel lobby and work on the layout for the wedding reception(table and chairs, dance floor, band...)

                                The stress of it all, especially the architect license exam, was too much for me so I went to see my therapist. She was ruled that I should let my mother plan the wedding so I let her worry about what kind of dinner rolls there should be. I credit my therapist for her help with the architectural license exam. I told her the thing that was worrying me the most was designing the building to comply with handicapped design requirements. She told me, “just imagine you are a handicapped person trying to park and get around the building”. As a result, that Saturday I designed a building totally around handicapped access. I passed.

                                When I think back about much the handicapped design seemed like a burden when I was 29 now, whenever I approach any building the first thing I consider is where will I park? How can I get up the stairs to the entrance? How can I get to the elevator and how to reach the rest of the building without having to strain my legs walking?

                                Architectural exam out of the way. Whew! The following Saturday, a week after I sat for the exam, I got a strange phone call. It was from a woman who I did not know. She had some news. My therapist had died of cancer. So the following week we went to the funeral and I helped bury the woman who had helped me for five years. I thought that everything would be ok and that it wouldn’t be that bad but it was that bad.

                                The month of July was spent picking out the wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses(this was composed of handing my friends, who had offered to be in the wedding, a bag with sewing material, a pattern, thread etc. and telling them to make their dresses).

                                My diabetic sister, who was to be maid of honor, wanted to design the dresses so I let her because she was such a talented artist. It was hard coming up with six bridesmaids but I had to. My fiancé had six brothers. I asked my two best friends, my fiancé’s only sister and a girl from work. On the way to the fitting appointment the girl, another woman architect, to,d me she was gay. This was 1983. I almost got in a car crash.

                                July 29 finally came. I wanted to sleep in so I would be beautiful at my wedding but woke up st the crack of dawn and couldn’t get back to sleep. I drove over to my parents house where they wer setting up the dance floor and the tables. My sister was still busy sewing he dress for that night. My mom was not home.

                                A few hours later she came back. She had come back from the hospital ER because my father had just had a TIA. I felt so bad. How could I do something so terrible as get married? He couldn’t take it.

                                It was time for the ceremony. I threw my dress on and did what I could with my hair. My hairdresser had just cut my hair and got the bangs too short. It was hopelessly ruined. Lesson: never get your hair cut before your wedding.

                                We were waiting at the door to come in with the wedding procession. I could peak inside. The church was packed. Music started and my six brothers in law lined up at the alter. When the attendees saw these six brothers from Indonesia line up at the alter the whole church let out a collective sigh. It was the moment everyone remembers most about that wedding.

                                The bridesmaids marched in one by one. When my sister, the maid of honor, started down the aisle she collapsed. My mother quickly whisked her over to where they were sitting. She was never in the ceremony.

                                We did all the things people do at their weddings. Went to the reception and there were so many people that my husband and I were chained to where we were sitting. We never saw the cake. Story was that sister number two had baked it, it slid to the side and the dog ate it.

                                After the honeymoon a low budget affair, husband and wife went back to set up housekeeping. My sister passed out again when she was helping him move out of his apartment into mine. He is a very spiritual man. He told me that day he had a bad feeling something was going to happen.

                                A week later, on a Saturday I got a phone call from mother. She said she couldn’t get ahold of my sister and asked me to go check on her. I drove down to the beach where she lived. It was a beautiful day. Climbed up the stairs to her room. The door was locked. No one was home. Feeling the ocean breeze I walked down to the shoreline. Looked along the water line towards Santa Monica Pier where my sister walked every day. Stopped at the Sidewalk Cafe where she frequented. Asked if anyone had seen her. No. They had not. I called my mom, told her I thought everything was ok and that my sister was out walking along the beach.

                                Mother persisted. The following day, Sunday, mother drove down to the beach. Tried to get my sister to answer but there was silence. Someone helped her break into the house. That is when I got the phone call. “Your sister is gone”.

                                So, to me, getting married is something I could have skipped. It meant that my therapist died of cancer, my father had a TIA and my nearly twin sister died of diabetes.

                                Sorry to ramble on like this. Sometimes we have to remember. That day I told myself I had experienced everything bad that there was. The only thing worse was to get MS. That was saved for later.