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When to return to work after initial flare/diagnosis?

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    When to return to work after initial flare/diagnosis?

    So I was diagnosed Aug 30 when severe nystagmus sent me to the ER. They kept me for 5 days, pumping that good ol prednisone into me and starting me on baclafen & klonipin. Now, 17 days later, I've returned to work but only part-time, just 4 hours a day per my drs. orders. After 1 day back, I wonder if it's too soon. My eyes still arent right, resulting in a raging headache after a couple hours of looking at the computer. Being at work is exhausting - the fatigue is kicking my butt. Tasks that were a piece of cake before, I just can't deal with and it frustrates me to tears. I'm on short term disability which is covering my pay.

    How long are most people out after a flare up? I have no mobility issues, and the MRI showed no active lesions (though something set off my eyes). It seems to all be in my head - cognition problems and eyes, although I am a bit unsteady/unbalanced on my feet.

    Also - does this fatigue go away?? As this whole thing fades away with time, will I get my energy back? I've had a few days where I felt so much better! A few days ago I thought it was over - I felt normal! But then it all came back. Is this normal?

    I haven't started treatment yet - I need to choose either tecifidera, tysabri or copaxone. I still need to get a blood test for that virus. When i do start one, if I'm still feeling crappy at that time, will it help end this current flare?

    Thanks for any info... This is all brand new to me.

    No sir, I don't like it.
    Diagnosed August 30, 2013.

    Hello. Your doctor sounds useful. I'd ring and ask if I could a few hours less.

    I understand about wanting to get back to "normal" life as soon as you can, but there's no good flogging yourself if you don't feel well.

    And you're going through all the stuff with diagnosis and getting started on a dmd, so take as much time as you need, or can afford. How much of your salary will the short-term disability cover, and how long will it last?

    Good luck.


      Trying to return to work too soon is probably not the best for MS recovery or for performance at work. Consider taking advantage of your short term disability benefits to the full extent available to achieve your goal of full recovery and returning to work, and recovery from fatigue.

      I wish when I was still working that I understood better the importance of resting for MS recovery. Resting for recovery and the preasure to return to work are competing goals.

      How long are most people out after a flare up? does this fatigue go away?? We are all different and there is no real time table. I've never recovered from fatigue which is my primary MS sx. Other MS'ers experience recovery from fatigue, others experience improvement in fatigue that results in something that's managable while working.

      Recovery may depend on how long you've had MS before diagnosis, your age, in addition to other factors based on your life style, level of stress and disease activity. For instance, raising children, or experiencing financial loss if you are primary bread winner in the home can exacerbate stress related MS fatigue. It is a lot to figure out.

      Best of luck to you.