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This song speaks to me:. All My Favorite People are Broken

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  • Mamabug
    Thanks, Loopey and Reg, for your kind comments. It's just so hard to be "broken" and to cause difficult life changes for the people that I love. They are giving up so much -- their home, their community, their friends, a good job, and more family there (his) than we have here (hers).

    I don't want them to regret the move. I still feel my guilt and their sadness and grief at leaving.

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  • REG53
    The song will make you cry. You should not real guilty. Be happy she wants to be there to support you. There may be some sadness in leaving but she will feel better knowing she is near you. Don't be sad, be happy,

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  • loopey
    Try not to be sad Mamabug or guilty. My son moved to Italy to take care of me. He does love it here so I don't feel too bad I just worry about what will happen to him if something happens to me. Personally I think he is really proud to be of such an enormous amount of assistance. I am sure your daughter and family will feel the same way when they see what a difference they make in your life. Be happy, you deserve it.

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  • This song speaks to me:. All My Favorite People are Broken
    Both the lyrics and the visuals are very powerful. They make me cry.
    My daughter and her family are moving to our community from Canada next weekend. My husband is there now, helping them pack.

    I've mostly been very excited and happily anticipating the move. They have always, for more than ten years, planned to move back here sometime.

    But I thought she just wanted to move back "home". I've only recently become aware of how much grief and sadness there also is as they leave. And I've only recently discovered that the main reason for the move is because of my MS -- to support me.

    Now, I know that they want to do this and there is anticipation mixed with the sadness.

    I feel very much like one of the broken people in the song. I feel their sadness at leaving.

    And I feel responsible. And guilty.

    I also feel very blessed that I have a daughter who loves me so much. But, right now, the sadness is overwhelming.