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    Pilates exercises

    I purchased an aeropilates machine last month to help increase my fitness level. I have trouble exercising standing up as balance is such a problem.

    After two weeks I noticed the weakness in my right leg was more pronounced as my left leg was gaining strength but my right leg not as much. I am wondering if this difference in strength will always be present as my lesions are on the right side of my neck and my right side is weaker.

    Any suggestions on increasing the strength in my right leg. The damage may be permanent but I hope to improve the leg even if it takes longer.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

    I love this machine.

    I'm starting Pilates soon, too

    I'm putting together my own treatment program and Pilates is right in there. I'm going to be taking my lessons from a trainer. If I were you, I'd invest in a session with a Pilates expert (lots of Ys and JCCs are now offering Pilates for very little $$, btw). Perhaps s/he can observe something you might be doing wrong.


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      Your suggestions are greatly appreciated and practical. Please let me know how you progress with your pilates program. Are you going to do mat work or use a reformer? I did mat work years ago but have lost a lot of stamina due to fatigue/immobility over the years so I chose the machine. I have been watching the instructional DVDs but personal input does catch errors that can do physical damage.

      I also use a full length mirror to try to watch my position.

      Thanks again for your input.


        I just got an aeropilates today too. I am excited to start the exercises again. I used to do a half hr a week at PT.


          I do the free pilates classes at LA Fitness, modify when I need to. I did take 2 private classes with a reformer. Even though I thought my posture and everything was correct, she still had to make adjustments. Probably super expensive but it would be great if you could have an expert come to check in with you every once & a while for corrections.


            I've done Pilates (video with wife) and that stuff is tough, you need mental strength for that stuff. I don't know much about aeropilates. I would be willing to bet having an expert to point out the form corrections would helpful.

            Maybe its a subconscious thing, because you are weaker on one side, you push or pull harder with the other side. Have you tried focusing your exercises on the weaker side?
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