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Motor skills exercises???

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    Motor skills exercises???

    Hi I seem to be loosing my motor skills in my fingers,
    I'm having a very hard time writing/printing & putting
    on makeup, turning pages in books, it goes on & on

    just wondering if there are any exersizes to do for this??


    put a rubber band on your fingers and practice doing a scissor movement with each finger, and as it gets easier twist it to increase tension
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      Good question sam - I have the same problem, but mostly in my left hand. The last time I went to PT I asked about this.

      I was told to play with clothes pins (pinching them) and was also given some kind of putty (kinda like silly putty) to play with - stretching and squeezing it. I was also told to place small objects (like marbles, buttons, etc) in a bowl and to try to pick them up one by one.

      We have a wonderful licensed OT who volunteers here (Susan Dorne) and she answers questions in the Occupational Therapy with Susan Dorne sub-forum under out Wellness Forum. I will move your thread there in hopes she'll be around to give you more suggestions!
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        Hi Sam,

        Both hunterd & Seasha's suggestions are the same ones I've been taught. Thera Putty comes in different colors that correlate with how easy it is to work with. I was taught to put pennies into it and then use one hand to work each one out or to pinch it using different fingers. Another thing I was taught was to pick up regular sized cotton balls (because they're smaller) with one hand, and then hold onto as many as I could in that hand while I picked up another one. Something that might help you turn pages in a book is an eraser. One of those electric toothbrushes is a good idea, too. It's easier to hold on to a fatter handle and they clean better than manually brushing. You could try a pencil gripper (found in the school supply section of any store) to make writing easier.

        If you google 'hand therapy products' (or something similar), you can get an idea of some of the products available, as well. If it's a possibility for you, I'd recommend Occupational Therapy, to work on strengthening your hand/ fingers and introduce you to all the gadgets available that can make different tasks easier for you. You'll be surprised at all the things they know that can help you!

        Best wishes ,

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          Thanks for sharing

          I have been having the same problems and I will try these suggestions!