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    Supplement list and research

    The MS Resource centre in the UK has supplement lists. Most of the ones discussed here is on lists there. In the UK , they research CAMs more and it is easier for drugs to become available. Note that there is an article about a protien that halts relapses altogether.

    There are links to suppliment pages as well.

    I am following a regiment - not as long as the one they recommend and I do have more energy and clarity.

    OK. I have started a thread about this site 2 times and both times I forget and leave the site to get the link. Then Poof. Just Google "Multiple Sclerosis Centre" spelled Centre not Center. Add UK if s\don't get there. There is a link to supplements. This organization is not afraid of recommending CAMs. Read latest new if you want to get some interesting info: Protien that stops relapse, cannibus inhaler and a LOT about Vit. D.

    BYT I am feeling better since I started my regiment.

    Glad to have this thread! Thank you!
    "Either you believe nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle " (sic)Albert Einstein

    Thanks for the reminder, zuppy. The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre has a Best Bet Diet Group that follows the recommendations of Dr. Ashton Embry, developer of the Best Bet Diet for MS. So that makes two sites to bookmark for the dietary/supplement recommendations and research: The MSRC ( and Ashton Embry's DIRECT-MS site (