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Gastroparesis...anyone else have it? what can I eat?

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    Gastroparesis...anyone else have it? what can I eat?

    Spent the better part of last april in the hospital, and after exhaustive tests, treatments and poking it was decided that MS has affected my GI tract and I have gastroparesis (frozen stomach) so when I eat, my tummy nerves dont get the signal to empty and push food thru. It sits in my tummy for days on end. I have been thru all of the tests, and special MDs to finally get a real diagnosis about what is going on with my tummy, which I am assured happens alot in diabetic patients but rarely in MS patients.

    Ok, onto my question. I am told to eat small easily digestable foods or to frequently go on juice fasts to keep my micronutrient levels very high. I find when I juice fast I feel so much better. probably because I am finally getting nutrition, but I cant stay on juice fasts forever, so I keep trying different foods.

    I was pretty close to the makers diet, and I eat very small portions of meat if I do eat meat, because its so hard to digest. I need to eat tiny meals frequently which is such a bother, but I am looking for suggestions. I am allergic to mushrooms, and shell fish, so those are out. I am sick to peices of juice, altho its been my saving grace, and I want some food! It seems that whenever I try after two or three days I go right back into crisis. I am dropping too much weight now, and really need to boost the amount of food I can get in me.

    Any ideas? help? suggestions? Anyone else have this issue with thier tummy? Im tired of my tummy hurting and then it not knowing what to do with food when it finally gets some.
    RRMS 3/26/07
    Beta 5/17/07
    Copaxone 8/07/07

    Hi Dejibo,

    Actually, gastroparesis isn't all that uncommon a symptom of MS. I'm surprised your doctors said it "happens rarely in MS patients."

    I have had bouts of mild-to-moderate gastroparesis myself which have remitted, and I haven't had to do anything but eat smaller, more frequent meals. However, I'm a vegan and I'm also gluten free, which may have something to do with it.

    Tara will probably have some good suggestions for you when she checks in again. You can also request a one-time free phone consultation with her by going to her homepage, which is listed in her Profile, and following the directions there.

    I hope you find relief that lasts!


      Since I have come off a 10 day fast, I am now detoxed again from sugar, wheat, caffeine, gluten, and a host of other stuff. I am considered a "rawist" when I do juice, since my entire diet is raw.

      I did not realize so many others were having flares with this issue. it explained the MS hug for me so well.

      So, what easily digestable foods are there for flare time? Am I stuck juicing? I am on the "montel williams super powder" and I mix it into my juice so I am getting mega nutrients. I have tons of energy and feel so much better, but the MD says I cant stay on the juice, I must come off and get fiber, and other stuff. Maybe if I got a vitamix juicer I could just throw in the whole food.

      Stupid disease! it picks on my eyes and my tummy, not my legs and feet. Even my MS is confused.
      RRMS 3/26/07
      Beta 5/17/07
      Copaxone 8/07/07


        I currently have a patient with symptoms of gastroparesis, not formally diagnosed.

        This is what I am trying w patient: (to start) 1/8th tsp sea salt in ~4oz. water, ~20 in. before food. small meals
        I would start with "single" foods at each meal: eggs, or potatoes, or yogurt, or ckn, or brown rice

        It seems to be helping.

        The salt shifts the pH and stimulates digestive fluids....which will "get the tummy going".

        Please inform me of your results if you do try this. TY

        *(I get credit if this is the miracle cure for GP)
        Eat better, feel better and be richer for it.


          I also have gastroparesis. My gastroenterologist prescibed Reglan which helped some but my neurologist told me not to take Reglan as it can cause neurological symptoms.
          I eat small amounts of food about every 2-3 hours. Very little meat, mostly soft things like cottage cheese and canned fruit.
          For the worse of times I stick to applesauce and clear liquids. I have alot of nausea so cannot juice but I will take grape or cranberry juice on occasion. The gastroenterologist and my sister suggested baby food but the though of that gags me.
          You didn't mention the constipation that is part of gastroparesis. I take Colace 300mg daily and a laxative every third day.
          I drink/eat no dairy products. I went gluten free for 6 months but couldn't tell a difference. Last winter I would drink a cup of hot water or thin soup which does help stimulate some peristalysis.
          I manage okay unless I do something stupid like eat a bagel or a hamburger. Good luck to you and I hope you find foods that are tolerable. IMHO that in your instance the raw foods should be limited.


            Tara, would this also be good for someone with gastroparesis because of diabetes?
            I'm not perfect....just forgiven!


              I have been on the gastroparesis diet for over a year. I think I would kill over a hamburger or a piece of pizza. I am afraid to take Reglan because of the side effects so I stay on the diet and use liquid or gel vitamins as they digest better. My stomach does not digest food so I take 300mg of Colace a night. My doctor had me on Amitza but it gave me headaches so I quit taking it. Gastroparesis is not only a diabetic issue it is caused by many other things such as abdominal surgery where the vagus nerve has been damaged, nervous system disorders,virus and others.



                I was diagnosed over ten years ago but only just diagnosed with PPMS. Do not use Reglan as there are severe side effects. I use Motillium which can be purchased from Canada. It helps me tremendously has virtually no side effects because it does not cross the blood-brain barrier like Reglan.