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OAB (overactive bladder) and Botox?

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    OAB (overactive bladder) and Botox?

    A month ago I was diagnosed with OAB and the urologist started me on Gemtesa. He said improvement will be noticeable within 3 weeks.

    It's been a little over 3 wks and there is some improvement but not as much as I had hoped. I had a follow up appt with him yesterday and he mentioned Botox as the next line of treatment if things didn't improve. My husband is appalled at the mention of this (he thinks Botox is for cosmetics), but as much as I know, it's just not only for that. I need to reassure him!

    I'm wondering if anyone has taken Botox for OAB or for other conditions.
    Has it helped? Side effects?
    Thanks for any feedback - especially for the usage for OAB.
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