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    Anything Better Than Depends

    Years ago I wore Depends because I don't have any bowel control. I stopped wearing them when I could no longer put them on by myself. I've been going without the last few years. But I really do need to use something to protect my clothing. Is there anything better that Depends out there I could try? I will take any and all suggestions. Thanks, everyone.

    I am sorry you are having this problem, gellexi. It is something that can be quite inconvenient and uncomfortable. I have a friend with MS who is now using a colostomy bag which has been successful for her.


    For a few people with MS, surgery may be an option when bowel accidents are having an unacceptable effect on quality of life and cannot be improved in any other appropriate way. Surgery offered is usually a colostomy. This involves bringing the end of the bowel out through the wall of the abdomen, so waste is collected in a special bag. This can be a very positive choice for some people but it needs to be carefully discussed with your surgeon and continence advisor or MS specialist nurse.

    Another aid is an anal plug-

    This is like a tampon and is easily inserted into the rectum (like a suppository) to help control leakage of faeces. The plug can be left in place for up to 12 hours after which it is easily removed. It is important that you are assessed by your continence nurse or appropriate healthcare professional before you try it.

    This is probably the right time to have a conversation with you PCP or Neuro. I hope you do and find a good solution! Take care
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      If Depends are too difficult for you to maintain I imagine a colostomy bag would be even more labor intensive and tedious. A plug may be useful but it sounds more like something jokes are made out of.

      I, too, have no way of knowing what is happening with my bowels and cannot control them. All action happens when I am fast asleep.

      I was advised to take Miralax and did so for many years with the same results...mess. Finally stopped that and it helped a little. If things got out of control I would use Imodium AD. But these were no really satisfactory.

      Recently a very sharp doctor prescribed something called Dipheniatrop. That seems to have helped. I take it when things get too active and can have a normal excavación once in awhile.

      This is an MS problem that is truly the most distressing.

      I don’t use Depends because I am allergic to them. I wear a cotton panty and put a cloth diaper under it. The elastic from the panty holds up the diaper, clothes stay safe and all is well. Washing is a chore but my mom did it with three babies. There are a few tricks to it but it’s not that hard.


        Bowel & bladder

        I have had MS for over 30 years and bowel problems happened for me years ago. I have had a colostomy for many years. I take 1-tbs of Sorbitol every other day and get results in about 3 hours. This gives me control instead of my bowel having control over me. My bladder went out even before my bowel. I self catheterize about 4 to 6 times per day.