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PT for Urinary Urgency?

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    PT for Urinary Urgency?

    Has anyone tried physical therapy for urgency? Iíve been battling urinary symptoms for years that have gotten worse over time. Iíve tried several meds (Vesicare, oxybutynin, Toviaz and most recently, Myrbetriq) with limited results. I experience fewer bladder spasms while on meds, but they still occur daily. I finally got in to see a urologist recently, who referred me to a physical therapist for pelvic floor therapy. Iím absolutely going to try it, but I had previously only heard of this for those with stress incontinence. Has anyone tried this for their urinary symptoms? Was it effective? If anyone has any experience with it, Iíd love to hear about them. This has become one of my most distressing symptoms, and the lack of results has been frustrating.
    RRMS 1/16/13
    Ocrevus 2/19/18

    PT for bladder...

    Hi, I am in a similar boat-- I did not want to do pt for this as I am also doing MS pt for lower back problem (thanks to falls) and cannot do 2 copays. I also am a bit nervous about it. Is it embarrassing? I took all the meds, now on Myrbetric and self cath (but got lazy with it). It was working but now I feel like I am back to square 1 with urgency and accidents, plus tingling there and on legs.May be because of back -- but my Urologist just brought up PT to me again this morning. I may have no choice.

    Best of luck, let me know how it goes if you start.



      Cira -- I've never heard of PT for urinary fx, but, if you got a referral for one, they must be able to treat it. Hope it works.

      My urinary fx has been managed well with over-the-counter supplements. I take a magnesium/calcium supplement in the evenings before bed. And, when I went through a few months when that wasn't enough, I added an Uva Ursa supplement. I just take the amount recommended on the bottle as a serving size. It usually works the first night; doesn't need time to build up in your body. You can purchase them at a health food store or online at amazon.

      Kim -- I'd encourage you to talk with your current physical therapist to see if they can treat you for both symptoms. You're already paying for it -- it would be great if you could use it to solve two problems at once. If not, perhaps another PT could -- maybe check with your primary care physicain for a referral to a PT who could treat both issues.
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      - In 2008, I was back in limbo briefly, then re-dx w/ MS: JUL08

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        Cira and Kim,
        This is a follow up to your post earlier this year. Did the PT help? Did the therapist teach you the manual ways to stretch inside and release the pelvic floor? I am going to PT right now for tightness in my entire abdominal area...rib cage through to pelvic floor. The abdominal pain comes and goes but sometimes it has been awful and disruptive to living. I remain hopeful that between the meds, PT, massage and diet I can get this area better again.
        Would love to hear an update from you!