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    is getting worse

    I'm currently taking oxybutinin my bladder doesn't resist and i might need to start using diapers I'm embarrassed just by the word anyone with the same problem

    I started taking Oxybutynin 5mg about 2 months ago and seems to slow down the overnight issues of having to go so often. They do make higher doses.

    I do wear a Depend Real Fit or one of the pads when out just in case I can't get to the bathroom since my disability prevents me from getting quickly to the bathroom when the urge hits. I really hated using them at first but now I'm used to it and it's sure better then wetting myself.



      Have you seen a urologist?

      Have they done a urodynamics study?

      There are more meds and things to do for bladder issues then just that medication.

      Kegal exercises. Which is tightening up the muscles that would stop your urine stream 10 times every hour.

      Have you eliminated all pop and watch how much caffeine you drink in a day? This will help tremendously.

      Do you still have your uterus? Can that be an issue? I was on two bladder meds, one at a higher dose then recommended, and after I had uterus removed I am on no bladder meds. I have an very occasional accident. No more pads or depends is wonderful. Was still wearing them even with the meds.
      God Bless and have a good day, Mary


        There are different reasons for incontinence. Mine is because my bladder spasms before it is full. I was wearing diapers to bed, along with using a towel & a chucks pad @ 25y/o. Talk about miserable.

        I found a study using botox in the bladder (which is now FDA approved) & have been using it for 8 years. It's a God send! It makes me "normal" again.
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          I'm seeing a urologist but i made an appt today since is getting worst I'm taking 10 mgs of oxybutinin he did a test a year ago was dx for overactive bladder due to ms having a tough ms year due also to mood swings oh boy


            Originally posted by salo558 View Post
            I'm currently taking oxybutinin my bladder doesn't resist and i might need to start using diapers I'm embarrassed just by the word anyone with the same problem
            What dosage do you take? One Oxybutynin was never enough for me. I take four per day now. In addition, I take these supplements before bed:
            2 Urva Ursi
            2 Cranberry
            2 Cal-Mag.
            That combination helps during the day if I don't drink too much and if I avoid caffeine. It also helps during the night so that I can sleep 3 - 5 hours between bathroom trips, instead of just 2 hours at a time.
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              Thanks everyone dr just switch me to 50 msg of myrbetriq