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Talk to me about Botox injections

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    Talk to me about Botox injections

    Has anyone tried them for OAB? If so, what were your symptoms and what was your experience with the injections?

    I just got a call that there's an opening in a clinical trial involving the Botox injections treatment, but I have to decide by tonight and drive 90 mins (it's in another state) by Friday for the initial testing, so I am trying to get as much info/perspectives as possible asap.

    I have been on Detrol LA, Vesicare (tried both doses; worked great at first but the effectiveness lessened over time), the patch (oxybutynin or whatever it's called; allergic) and just started Myrbetriq a couple days ago. Ideally I would wait first to see if the Myr. works but it's now or never for the Botox trial. My symptoms are frequency and urgency. I've had light leakage a few times but usually just while running, so I wonder if Botox is overkill for me. It is annoying at this point but not a huge deal.
    2001: 1st 2 relapses, "probable MS." 2007: 3rd relapse. Dx of RRMS confirmed by MS specialist. Started Cpx. (Off Cpx Feb 08-Mar 09 to start a family; twins!) Dec '09: Started Beta. Oct '13: Started Tecfidera. May '15: Considering Gilenya.

    Hope 32 in re: to Botex Injection

    Five years ago I had this done. IT WORKS and is still working. My Urologist informed me it can work 2,3,4,5 or more years. I had to self cath for 2 days after. Could not urinate on my own. A little painful to cath at first but the 2nd day was fine. Hope this helps.



      Hi hope32 I don't have your problem but I do get regular botox for headaches every 3 months and it has been a fantastic success hope you get the answers you want Craig


        Getting it too

        I have injections scheduled for Oct. 4, so I'm watching this thread too.

        I had been on Myrbetriq which worked great until I went on Ampyra. Turns out, that's a side effect of Ampyra and it cancelled out any benefits of Myr. So, onward and upward, I hope.


          Botox injections worked for me.

          I have had my first injection about 3 weeks ago. Why didn't my urologist suggest this a long time ago? Before the injection, when I needed to go, I needed to go right away. A bathroom needed to be nearby. Leaking was constant especially after changing position; e.g. Sitting to standing. The largest pads on the market held so little urine that my pants were frequently wet. Moreover, they funneled urine to the back of pad and out to pants. I made sure that I had a change of clothing. After the injection, I have needed to self-Cath which is easy once you get used to it. I can wait a while before I use the toilet. I now use a smaller pad just in case. I feel almost normal.

          It will be interesting to see what happens after 4-6 months. I understand that one receives injections at this interval.

          There were no side efffects for me from the injection. My life returned to normal once I left the hospital.


            Self cath for how long?

            Did you have to self cath for a short period of time after the botox? Or from now on?