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Bowel / Urinary Incontinence

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    Bowel / Urinary Incontinence

    I hate talking about this... But, I couldn't think of a better place to share.

    For the most part, I have been constipated. So much so, that no amount of fiber, laxitives or even enemas would cause a worthy movement. It is miserable to say the least.

    However, by the grace of God, I have become regular!! In all my life (pretty much) I have had constipation issues. I never thought I'd be so happy about BM's, but believe me, I am thankful everyday!!

    However, within the last couple of months I have had rectal spasms, a few times that has caused complete lack of control. Thankfully, I was at home when it happened. Rectal spasms are the most painful spasms I have had so far.

    This happened to me last summer. Once it just caused extreme urgency and I was near a bathroom, thank goodness. But another time, I wasn't so lucky.

    I was hoping that that symptom was gone for good, but no such luck. I also quite frequently have spasms... I'm not sure where. I know that sounds weird. It feels like it's in my urethra. Is it possible to have spasms there? I have had loss of urinary control a few times, but I don't recall spasms prior to that happening. I keep having these spasms down there and I'm afraid it's going to end up causing incontinence. However, I'm really having more trouble with retention right now. Could these spasms be the cause of it?

    About 6 months ago, my spasticity has gotten a lot worse. my Dr. switched me to baclofen, which has helped some.

    For me, it's quite depressing. Within two years I have gone from having minimal symptoms to having an MS diagnosis and multiple symptoms. Do any of you have suggestions or helpfel tips?

    I realize there is a separate forum for urinary incontinence, but I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

    Thanks for reading!
    , T2B

    "I have a lot of pain in my microwave".

    I understand

    We never know what we will experience with MS. Sometimes I think our symptoms just worsen due to the MS or perhaps just time.

    I've had both urinary and bowel problems. I'm getting older and I suppose that is somewhat normal, but sure doesn't get easier.

    I have to watch what I eat. Some foods trigger my bowel problems.

    I have had those spasms you speak of also. Very painful.

    Hang in there. It could also be that some of your meds are triggering symptoms. Keep a diary of what you experience and when.

    Remember to drink water; as much as you can, because it does help in many ways.

    Personally it is a struggle for me to drink water. I sometimes put a little OJ, Cranberry Juice, whatever I have, into the water as it seems to help me drink it.

    Best to you. Diane
    You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.


      Thank you Diane. Yucky subject, but comforting to know that there are people out there that understand what you're going through.

      All the best,
      , T2B

      "I have a lot of pain in my microwave".



        I started having problems with leaking in my 35s after the childbirth. It was very tired to take care of the baby and the family. But what mostly embarrassed me is the incontinence problem. My doctor advised that I should do Kegel exercises. I tried it, but there is not any improvement. Actually, the Kegel exercise is not difficult, but how do you know you're making any progress and, honestly, it's something that is easy to forget. Nothing seemed to help me until I tried XFT-0010 Pelvic muscle trainer. It is amazing! That little gadget has really helped me a lot. My urinary incontinence disappeared in 3 months after the training! I would like to recommend it for you if you are suffering the same problem like me.


          I had to start self-cathing this last summer due to bladder retention. Problem is I also get bladder spasms, especially when getting up from sitting. The urg to go becomes instant and urgent and not the normal feel the need to pee. When that happens I have to make track asap or leak (minor/once in a while.

          While stuffing
          over 10 inches of tubing up the tube is not fun, I do sleep better.

          My whole self-cathing started after not being able to go most of one night, no sleep till after 5am when the dam broke was the last straw. Got into the urologist office asap after that episode, had over 300ml PVR and I was taught on the spot to self-cath, an embarrassing experience.

          According to NIH 100ml retention (akka PVR, urine left in bladder after normal voiding) or over can cause kidney damage, like I need that, already having chronic kidney disease. I can only wonder if the PVR problem has been there a long time, with undiagnosed neurogenic bladder and a contributor to my kidney damage in recent years?

          About half way thru drainning my first time, standing there with a lady nurse instructing me, standing there with pants around ankles and every thing hanging out in the wind in got light headed (triggered a BP drop) and nearly went down with doctors, nurses and even 911 all standing there. Last time I was back there, handing in m paperwork for upcoming surgery, every remembered me due to what happened.

          I guess I should consider myself lucky it happened in a doctors office next to a hospital, and has not happened since starting cathing at home..

          Gomer Sir Falls-a-lot



            I have had to self cath since 1999. Had surgery to lift my bladder, remove my uterus and still bladder problems. So since then I have had to self cath to empty my bladder every time I use the restroom. 11 years into this I was having some problems, thinking it was an infection of some sort, I took all different kinds of medications. Finally had a CAT Scan done to find out I had a Bladder stone the size of a large egg. No wonder I was having problems. Beings my bladder doesn't work on its own they broke it down and flushed it out. Now at least I know if this happens again, what it is.

            I have had the bowel problems for years too. Not fun, but had to make light of the situation. have an accident, go home, shower, change and go back out. Long trips, I just avoid food and drinking...I know not the best thing to do, but if I don't know how far to the next rest area. I do what I need to do.
            I will not let MS or these symptoms define who and what I am. Look for that silver lining



              I know how you feel. I have can't control my bowels and wear Depends too. I recently feel like my intestines are blocked b/c I need to poop but it just gets stuck. I have tried Miralax and eating fiber but to no avail. Maybe I should see my doc?

              I am also from Missouri. What area are you from? I am in KC.
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                i get these spams too, i have a catheter and i take probanthine to reduce the day to day spasms but i still get the more severe and painful spasms when i change my catheter and if the catheter is kinked, if the bag is full and if ineed to use my bowels sometimes- i hate those spasms but at least they can help me avoid having a bowel accident!

                what i was going to say though, and i have said it before so i hope it does not get annoying, but there are conitnence nurse who can help get the bowel issues under best control you can so that you avoid accidents and have a bowel motion in a predictable manner each day.

                I would be too scared to leave the house if it were not for the help i got from the continence nurse. Now i still take a spare change of underwear but that is just insurance - or in case my catheter leaks etc - i know that fearthat you will have some of those spasms occur in public and those around you knw why you are pulling faces and doubled over! but mostly now if it happens its because the tube to the catheter is kinked in my pants or i have not emptyied the bag quick enough so i have gradually learnt to be a bit more attentive,

                when it comes to the bowel issues, she has helped me set up my dieet and how ro use laxatives so that unless something changes such as a tummy bug- i have a bowel movement in a predictable manner each morning, if it doesn't i then i have a back up plan to get things in control- its annoying but its better than random chance!


                  Bowel Incontinence

                  Oh boy what a subject!

                  I have RRMS and have been struggling with inconsistent bowel incontinence for months.
                  Also have a very bad lumbar back problem which may or ma not be part of the problem.

                  Stopped taking med for my back bc it had side effects of diarrhea hoping it was the cause, but still continuing.

                  I have sometimes urgency feeling bowel movement coming and race to the bathroom many times way to late.

                  I have good days a bad days but no way to predict, so it is ruining any public outings. We want to take a vacation but I am terrified of getting caught in public with a terrible mess.

                  I can pack pads, baby wipes and spare clothes in a backpack, and pray I have it when needed.

                  I am depressed frustrated and desperate.
                  Can anyone offer some ideas?

                  Thanks, Learides


                    I so can relate to what you are saying!! My Bowel incontinence is so bad, I was forced to see family doctor today. I have extreme lower lumbar pain, dropped foot etc... I can't take it anymore. The doctor asked million questions, did some examinations and concluded I have Cauda equinas syndrome, and is ordering an urgent Mri to confirm this diagnosis. Its bad enough to have RRMS!!