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Hospitals are not equipped to handle self cathing patients

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  • DieselDiver
    Merry Christmas Palmtree! Well i'm a male & have experienced similar problems. I to suggest bringing your own supplies. I also had to assure the nurse to keep inserting until she had some output. she thought she wasn't doing something right.......This transpired in New York I now live in south carolina where the medical care & knowledge is lacking even worse. I hope you have better luck i the future! Be well & blessings.

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  • Hospitals are not equipped to handle self cathing patients

    I have been in the hospital too many times to count. I always carry a backpack with my cathing supplies wherever I go because , more often than not, I land there.

    but twice there was an emergency and I was without them. Has anyone experienced how inept nurses are about cathing a woman ?

    also, hospitals don’t carry the kind of straight vinyl 6” female. And no one is trained to help patients cath. Every time I have to pee it’s an ordeal explaining to the CNA what I need.

    I want to do something to bring awareness so that hospitals carry supplies and CNAs are trained to help patients self cath.

    What can we do?