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    Uti question

    Itís a new day,hope itís better.My in home nurse told me a uti wont make you sick,but after throwing up Iím really starting to wonder.Plus Iím having severe bladder spasms.Dave


    You most certainly become sick from a UTI.
    God Bless and have a good day, Mary


      YES again

      My parents have had sepsis requiring hospitalization due to not recognizing/acknowledging the symptoms. (Hallucinations are a symptom at that point)

      They recovered but it is life threatening if untreated.

      Please be aware of symptoms and seek treatment accordingly!


        My method of limiting UTI.

        I self cath 4 to 6 times per day and have been battling with UTIís for 25 years. Currently I use one ampule of triple strength antibiotic mixed with 500ml of saline solution. I squirt around 3ml of the solution into the tip of my penis using a 20ml syringe WITHOUT the needle. I do NOT squirt into my bladder just the urethra. I hold the tip of my penis shut and open it just enough to slide in the catheter. I do not use lubricant but you can. I have better control without the lube. It is very slippery when mixed with water.

        My bladder was the first to go then slowly my legs until my last exacerbation left me paralyzed from my waist down. My bowel slowly went before I was completely paralyzed.

        I do this myself even though I am a tetraplegic. I have very limited use of my left hand but manage to use it enough to squeeze the tip of my penis. I have used this method for nearly 15 years after many years of having UTIís. I have currently gone almost 5 years without having a UTI.


          UTI prevention tips: D-Mannose

          Sorry to hear of your UTI. I hope you'll recover soon. (No; I never got sick from them.)

          You might try to prevent UTI's in the future using some of these strategies. I used to try cranberry juice or cranberry supplements, but they didn't ever seem to help me.

          I recommend D-Mannose. It is a supplement that can prevent UTI's. You may be able to find it at a health food store, or you can buy it online. It comes in a capsule or as a powder that you add to water. I used to take the powder, and to use it daily. I bought it at Amazon.

          Prior to discovering D-Mannose, I used to have UTI's once or twice a year, and each time, the UTI would trigger an MS flare. After beginning D-Mannose years ago, I haven't had one. And, actually, I don't even take D-Mannose anymore. My MS, in general, has seemed to be under much better control for the last 8 or 10 years, and, after awhile, I just started hoping I wouldn't need it anymore for prevention, and, I don't.

          Other prevention strategies:
          • Drink enough fluids
          • Empty bladder after sex
          • Don't hold it
          • Wipe from front to back
          • Shower, instead of bathe
          • Eat probiotics or take probiotic supplements
          • Change immediately out of swimsuits or sweaty exercise clothing
          • Tampons are better than sanitary pads
          ~ Faith
          MSWorld Volunteer -- Moderator since JUN2012
          (now a Mimibug)

          Symptoms began in JAN02
          - Dx with RRMS in OCT03, following 21 months of limbo, ruling out lots of other dx, and some "probable stroke" and "probable CNS" dx for awhile.
          - In 2008, I was back in limbo briefly, then re-dx w/ MS: JUL08

          - Betaseron NOV03-AUG08; Copaxone20 SEPT08-APR15; Copaxone40 APR15-present
          - Began receiving SSDI / LTD NOV08. Not employed. I volunteer in my church and community.