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Irritable husband-MS related?

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    Irritable husband-MS related?

    Hi I have never posted here before but my husband has had PPMS for 10 years now and his physical and cognitive symptoms have gotten a lot worse the last 2 years. I can deal with the physical symptoms and the memory and poor concentration but what I am finding so hard to deal with is the irritability and constant negativity. It is really wearing me down. I am not sure if it is specific to MS but I have read some articles that indicate the actual MS lesions can affect mood. I am wondering if there are other spouses out there who are dealing with this and how are you coping. Every day I am wondering what he is going to be upset about and it is tiring. Any thoughts???

    Hi weidmanl and welcome!

    I'm so sorry you are having to do with then stress of being a caregiver. Lending help physically day to day in itself can be challenging, but dealing with emotional needs can be tricky and frustrating. I imagine your husband is dealing with a natural reaction to losses which can be common with us in the form of grief and depression. My suggestion without knowing all the circumstances would be to have a conversation with the doctor about depression and certain meds that can help alleviate it.

    Counseling with a therapist can be so helpful too. If he is unwilling, it could help you!

    We do have a few members who are caregivers, so hopefully in time they can give you some first hand advise. Keep checking back for replies and suggestions. Hang in there and thank you for caring enough to get in touch with us.
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      Hi weidmanl

      The challenges of MS seem to affect all concerned (understatement).

      I don't have the personal experience of a spouse with MS, but this info from the National MS Society may be helpful, Emotional Changes:

      Hopefully some suggestions will help.

      Good luck to you and your DH.

      Take Care
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