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    I was dx with RRMS in July 2012. I was married for 17 yeas with my ex wife and she wanted a divorce last year and finalized in late Sept. '13. I have a 10 yr daughter and 8 yr old son. Looking for others with MS and living with your whole world ripped apart by divorce, having children, or no children.

    Can anyone relate to have going through anything like this past or present? I would love to see if the site could create a chat room just for living with MS in divorce. Be nice to be able to communicate with one another and feel human and not like an alien. So easy to talk to other divorce couples in society, but so hard to relate living with a disability such as MS.

    I hope to hear back and how to cope.

    I was a teenager when my mom was dx. My father divorced her and left my mom, me and my younger brother. My mom eventually got over it and went on with her life. I have MS now and have even greater respect for my mom. Somehow she found the strength to have a pretty good life despite her illness and my fathers abandonment. I hope you find people to help you through a very hard time.


      Hi Jazz - I am so sorry to hear of your situation - I can't even begin to imagine how heartbreaking it can be.

      I want you to know that we do have a chat time on Sundays at 8pm (ET) called Relationships/Family and MS Chat. You might find some kindred souls by checking into this.

      I hope you find some sense of peace in your journey ahead. I'll be thinking of you.
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        Hi Jazz

        Yep, married 16 yrs with 3 children and we got divorced probably a year later...I will accept the blame because I 'pulled away' when I got my dx (he thought that meant way!)

        That was 24 yrs ago, I'm very thankful he remarried quickly (8 mo) because she and I were co parents with our 3 children going back and forth every other week. We are all friends now..time does help.

        I am very sorry for your situation, It is never easy and the children have to be considered priority. All 3 of mine have lingering social/emotional troubles even though we basically had a friendly divorce.

        I am very sorry for you situation and hope you able to work together..take care
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