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    I have a unique situation, currently on LTD and also paying for COBRA Ins. I have had concurring surgeries and still need more, and thats what keeps me on LTD. I had a surgery scheduled the beginning of this month APRIL and would keep me out of work for several months (so there is no gap), which was canceled due to this pandemic, and need more in JULY of this year, and I happen to be in the middle of this pandemic where as far as my surgeries are concerned and LTD ends (but this surgery would keep it going). I believe there cannot be no gaps in surgeries (doctor keeping me out of work), so one Doctor can keep me going to the next, until I can get these needed surgeries, which keeps me on LTD. So I was only approved till the end of APRIL but it looks like I will not be able to get any surgery done until MAY or JUNE ?. My question is would they make an exception for this because of the PANDEMIC, state shut down, stay at home orders, and basically nobody can do or get anything done at his time. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP


    You should reach out to your providers and see if they can justify your disability from April through the surgery date. Although there is only limited information provided, the frequency of your surgeries suggests that there may be good reason for your doctors to keep you out of work indefinitely, even if they have only been approving shorter periods. Frankly, the April 'recovery' date given by your doctors may just be a filler on the form, and really means that they will reevaluate you at the time of the anticipated April surgery. Regardless, reaching out to your doctors is very important in this scenario.

    I wouldn't look to the insurer to make an exception (unless I absolutely had to), but rather to the provider to extend the medically necessary time off. Nevertheless, you'll want to discuss the above with your counsel and take all possible avenues to getting your benefits extended.

    -Jamie R. Hall, Esq.
    Attorney Jamie R. Hall's practice is focused on assisting individuals with claims and appeals for Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability benefits. He has assisted claimants nationwide, approximately half of whom are MS patients, from his Pennsylvania and Ohio locations. **No attorney/client relationship is created by this communication, and information provided herein is not a substitute for formal advisement.**