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    One's SSI File

    Is there a way to put documentation into one's social security file? One of my children receives SSI. Was scheduled for a phone SSI Review. I sat literally next to my phone 15 minutes before the scheduled call.

    Call came in 15 minutes late. As I picked up on the second ring, my answering machine also picked up. Not sure if SS employee heard me put they hung up - didn't leave a message. I immediately called my local office - was on hold for 15 minutes. Did speak with another SS representative and explained what happened. Was told I might get a call back that day. No call back.. Waited until after 4pm and called main SS 800 number. Advised wait would be 2 hours.... Did hold for about an hour and gave up.

    Called my local SS office first thing the following business day (it was a Monday) and told them what had happened. Told I might get a phone call that day - no call. Did get a letter on Wednesday from SS indicating I failed to keep my appointment and that I now must report to my local office (GREAT....... Between my fatigue and my difficulties with hearing, walking and concentration - I won't be in a good mood but will have to appear to be in a good mood.)

    At this point I almost think it's SS fault the appointment was not kept - they hung up on me! Of course, I won't say that to them but I would like an explanation placed in my child's file regarding the missed appointment. Can I do that and if I can, what's the best way to accomplish that?

    Dreading the hours I will now spend at the local SS office...... IS there any chance the appointment could be re-scheduled to a phone appointment?

    This happens more often than you would think, and the hold times are always challenging. Wednesdays are especially difficult, because local offices close to the public at noon. Tuesday morning is typically the best time to call the SSA.

    You should be able to drop off a letter at the local SSA office explaining what happened (each office has a drop box in the waiting area for this purpose). The letter may or may not be put in the file, depending on if it makes it to the proper staffer's desk.

    In my experience, you can call to change the appointment to a phone appointment.

    Good luck!
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