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Tightness in Chest - Weak Limbs - attack?

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    Tightness in Chest - Weak Limbs - attack?

    Hi there - I have not been formally dx with NMO - neuro did test and disability co told me - nice, huh? Can't get the doc to confirm.

    The last two days I have been really weak, fatigued, today having tightness in chest, feeling like I have to struggle to breathe. Could this be an attack? Or do I have some other crap going on? I'm 95% sure it's not my heart - saw my cardiologist a few weeks ago and I'm doing great in that respect.

    Thank your

    Anemia, perhaps?


      I have something called pyroluria, and the tightness is helped with B6. I do 50 mg at a time but depends on your symptoms. I started with zinc gluconate also, but as that got back in balance with enough B6, I found the primrose oil is consistently needed with the B6 for me. B6 is necessary to make folic acid, niacin and B12, but needs B1 and B2 to activate, so I take a 1/3 dosage B complex to start, though for some a banana or blackstrap molasses (unsulfured) is enough to provide this.
      There is a daily limit on B6 of 100mg if not a therapeutic dose (like for asthma attack). I always encourage my body to get back to retaining and making it's own, so though larger doses feel good, many can get by with 25mg.
      if you read up on pyroluria, and you decide to try this:
      In the beginning you should take it daily as it is easily lost. Later you can do it more preventatively if your symptoms are under control.
      Hope this helps!



        By the way, B6 deficiency causes small cell anemia in the blood. There is a relationship to iron and B6, B6 can flush it, so you want to know your iron levels and what is good (to a naturopath, as the levels will be different than commonly accepted). I take a time release complex to back up my B6 that is a blood builder, so it has a natural iron in it too. I only take one of a 3 a day dosage of this. I was menstruating when I started this routine and do eat bison, so may not need it now. Solaray makes a stress B very similar to the one I take without iron. I also like RAW B complex formulas (Garden of Life). If I should get too much iron I give blood, so that is a good way to monitor level.


          Thank you very much - I had been skipping multi and B12 supplements for a few days and started taking again - maybe this was it!!!

          I did have very very very tight muscles across back and chest at the same time. Family member with MS told me this happens to her a lot - she said do yogic breathing and lie down for several hours. I did this and did not help immediately, but next morning, chest was loose and I could breathe pretty well. By the next day, chest and back were good and breathing has been fine.

          Not sure which was the fix, but thank you!