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    Dry eyes

    Is this an ms problem or something else completely? It is the most annoying nagging problem I have ever experienced. From the time I wake up until I call it a night again it almost feels like my eyes have completely quit providing any kind of moisture. I’m sorry if I’ve asked this In the wrong place and like I said I might be completely incorrect and it be completely unrelated to ms but this has lasted for days. It’s unbearable.

    Hi Kyle4uk, nice to see you posting

    Dry eyes can have a variety of causes and not usually due to MS. Have you tried moisture eye drops? My preference are Sustane Gel drops. Gel drops tend to be a little thicker than regular eye drops and more moisturizing. Just to let you know, Gel drops will cause temporary blurriness but not something to worry about.

    If you are still concerned you can certainly see your Ophthalmologist about your dry eyes.

    This link may offer you some answers to the problem of dry eyes:

    Take care!
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      Also have dry eyes. The OTC systane drops worked for a few years, but then, needed more, so on Rx Xiidra. During allergy season or if indoor with wood fireplace going, I still need to supplement with systane.

      I would try the OTC for a few weeks. If still a problem, then get checked by your opthalmologist. Mine had told me if I need to use the OTC more than 4 times a day, probably need the Rx. The opthalmologist can run a test that measures tear production.

      Hope it resolves for you.
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        I use Hydraplenish supplement, it helps me a lot!