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I see GREEN as GREY. Optic nerve inflammation?

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    I see GREEN as GREY. Optic nerve inflammation?

    Anyone else have this? I was starting to think I was colorblind, but this color confusion doesn't really make sense with the types of colorblindness.

    My MRI always shows Left Optic nerve inflammation/damage. I have had optic neuritis many times in that eye. Now (sometimes), I get VERY painful spells/pressure directly behind that eye (which I thought were migraines, but it's only behind my left eye).

    Anyhow, my family and friends have lately been pointing out to me that I'm color blind. I see certain shades of green as grey. Could this be from the MS and all the episodes of optic neuritis leading to color vision damage?

    Anyone else with the same green/grey colorblindness?


    Just a note that the green / grey color discussion is more common than you may think. My career called for some knowledge of color and its usage in print, book covers specifically.

    The question (green / grey) arose enough that we took a poll of maybe a dozen office staff. 50 / 50 split. So we asked the bullpen, much the same response.

    Originally posted by Benzene
    Could this be from the MS and all the episodes of optic neuritis leading to color vision damage?

    This may be true. Maybe others with optic neuritis can comment here. I can only speak to your experience being more common in general.


      I don't see green as grey but red/purple and pink/brown are my most mixed up colours. If I'm browning some ground beef in a frying pan I can't see if the pink meat has turned brown (I have anxiety over eating undercooked meat) so when I cook it I usually know it's cooked by the sound in the frying pan. Needless to say I cook a whole bunch of ground beef and freeze it cooked. I hope your colours return to normal.
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        Iím really sorry youíre experiencing this. Based on my own experience I think itís probably because of the optic neuritis, but only your doctor can determine that for certain.

        My optic nerve is damaged from years of ON flares and after the last major one, I no longer see color with one eye.

        Last month I saw a vision rehabilitation doctor who said she believes in neuroelasticity. So for my own comfort and hope, I try to focus on bright colors as a regular 5 or 10 minute exercise, alternating between the eye not affected by ON and the eye that is and really thinking about the color. Iím only doing it because of what the doctor said about neuroelasticity - now that it has been over a year since relapse, nobody Iíve seen will commit to there being more improvement.

        Other tools for viewing color:

        Being a computer junkie here is a twitter account I follow that tweets out colors.

        And here is the Ishihara test doctors frequently use. People should not do this exercise and assume they have MS if you donít see all the figures. It is normal to lose visual contrast with aging and all sorts of other issues could play a role in how you do with this. They also sell this test in booklets, which may be easier on the eyes for people with ON.
        All the best, ~G