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Fuzzy grey spot in vision

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    Fuzzy grey spot in vision

    I've been noticing the last couple weeks when reading on my iPhone, there is a fuzzy, grey spot slightly off right-center of the screen. It moves as my eyes move so I know it's not the phone.

    I don't notice the problem at longer distances while watching tv or even reading. I have had it occasionally on PC at work. I know it wasn't there when I started Gilenya 04/16 with that eye check or the 3 mo. follow up for macular edema.

    Does any of this sound familiar? Should I contact MS doc or just follow up with PCP?

    Anything that concerns your eyes that isn't normal needs to be checked out with either an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist, preferably the latter. A grey spot in the middle of your vision would make me wonder about optic neuritis but definitely needs to be reviewed by someone in the medical field.

    Best wishes



      Appointment scheduled

      My MS specialist thought it prudent to see a neuro-ophthalmologist for a visual field test and something called OCT, so that's where I'll be going next.

      I hate blaming everything on my MS. I do see a lot of folks here have visual problems d/t MS though, so I thought I'd ask if the symptom sounded familiar. Sometimes I feel like I don't use my PCP enough and I just go straight to my neurologist with everything. 😀

      Thanks for your response Poppy,