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FOV-Field Of Vision Test Results-Failed

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    FOV-Field Of Vision Test Results-Failed

    So, my appointment at the MS Center is 2 weeks from today and I have been gathering records/notes/etc as per their request and in going through things, came across a note I had written almost 2 yrs ago when I had failed my FOV testing and was sent to the retinal specialist at my eye docs because I was then taking Plaquenil for my Lupus and had to be FOV-tested every 6 mths for years and it was the first time I failed. Thankfully, my retinas were fine and the specialist said it was ok to take my Plaquenil again. I was soooo relieved I wasn't going blind that I never did anything else about WHY I failed the FOV testing-the results were, 'Abnormal depressions-couple of blind spots in R eye'

    Upon finding these notes again, I just looked it up and was floored when I read it is called 'scotoma' and commonly seen in people with MS/ON!

    No wonder my neuro was telling me to get back to my eye doc and find out WHY I failed the FOV testing, if it wasn't from plaquenil toxicity, as feared! He was quite concerned especially since that day he had also stated that 'Cathy, MS has always been on the table' after I told him my rheumatologist was concerned about ongoing/new symptoms and said to get to my neuro again because the possibility of MS was 'back on the table'.

    I never did get all that figured out because then the holidays came and after that, I left my husband, finally, and got divorced and had no more insurance until this spring!

    So, now, I find out that could have been an episode of ON back 2 years! :/ Now having found out there are lesions on my c-spine 2 weeks ago, when before there were only small brain lesions.
    This is all like a huge puzzle, who's pieces are finally coming together.
    Limbo Lander w/lesions on brain and NOW neurosurgeon found on my c-spine as well-as of July 2015. Being sent to MS Center-Aug 26th. Have Lhermitte's too & many MS symptoms/issues for about 8-10 yrs.
    Have: Lupus, Fibro, Sjogrens, SVT, IBS, Tinnitus etc...etc...etc...
    Heb. 11:1