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Lighting-type flashes in left peripheral vision

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    Lighting-type flashes in left peripheral vision

    This just started for me a couple days ago. Sound familiar to anyone?


    Inga - you probably should seek medical attention with an opthalmologist.

    I'm not a doctor, but I'm thinking it may be a problem with your retina detaching. Are you seeing floaters too? Do you have a history or migraines as this could be a sign of a migraine coming on.

    I experienced these lightning flashes a day or so before I lost my peripheral vision in both eyes many years ago. I was almost blind. My eye doctor sent me immediately to my pcp who ordered an MRI - Turns out it was ON (optic neuritis) which led to my diagnose. Not saying that any of these conditions are your problem, but best be safe and have it checked out! OK?

    I hope it isn't a major problem. Let us know how it turns out!
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      Flashes in Peripheral Vision

      My MS began with Optic Neuritis in my left eye which began suddenly in May 2014. Ever since then, I continue to have light flashes in my peripheral vision in that eye. Sometimes it is a bright white light, other times it is bright blue and sometimes yellow. It seems to occur more when I am really stressed or really tired. I assume this is one of the things I will have to live with. It can be very distracting, especially when driving at night.