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    Burning Eyes

    I would like to knowif anyone has ever had a burning feeling in there eyes. Mine burn so bad that at times I close them and keep them close for a few minutes until it goes away. I have never has ON but I wonder if this is a part of it. Please give me some advice about this.


    Hi karenwb2,

    It doesn't sound like MS, to me.

    You might try moisture eye drops. Dry eyes can cause what you are experiencing.

    Take care!
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      I do!

      I was diagnosed with dry eyes, then with ocular rosacea. Over time, my eyes have become easily irritated and sensitive to light. They sting and burn (so bad at times), feel tired and my vision blurs. I wash them out with baby soap or use baby wipes to gently wipe them out a couple times a day and take doxycycline. I also wear sun glasses in bright light and use drops for dry eyes. Both my eyes are effected by it.

      I've had my bouts of Optical Neuritis too. I've heard that ON can effect both eyes, but mine usually hits one eye at a time. When I had ON my eye hurts, especially with any eye movement. I also have vision loss from it. Colors have become washed out now too. I don't pick out paint colors for my home anymore-that's for sure!

      I'm just letting you know what eye problems I have. Hopefully you'll be able to find out what is wrong with yours and get some relief soon.


        Burning Eyes

        Thanks so much for your advice. Was it a regular eye doctor or a specialist? Like now they have not burned for the last couple of days. I was worried that it might be some form of ON because I have never had that before. Once again thanks so much for your help.


          Burning Eyes

          Hi Karen,

          I have this issue; in fact, 3 eye diseases.

          Dry Eye
          Blepharitis - Inflammation of Eyelids
          Uveitis - Inflammation of Uvea
          Possible ON

          ON was never confirmed but my VEP was abnormal and they said my optic nerve is pale. That doesn't mean I had ON but it doesn't mean I didn't either. I still wonder about this because I had an experience with my eyes that was out of the norm for me with the 3 eye diseases above right around the time of initial symptoms.

          Uveitis, Dry Eye and Blepharitis will cause burning eyes; I think ON would too. The only way to know what is causing that is go to a good Opthamalogist. Are your eyes red when this occurs? How long does it last?

          My Uveitis is prominent in both eyes and when I get an attack they burn (usually happens in one eye for each attack) and it feels like sand is in my eyes. It hurts so badly sometimes that the only relief is steroid drops, Advil and sleep. Note: I did research on Uveitis and while NOT a common MS symptom it HAS been linked to MS.

          If I were you I would get checked out. Let us know how you make out. I'm curious to see what they say. I hope you feel better.


            I see an Ophthalmologist.

            I'm glad your eyes are feeling better. I hope you can find a good Ophthamologist to take care of you if you have problems again.


              I notice when I do not have enough water my eyes burn. I drink water and the burning goes away. You could also try moisture eye drops as someone has mentioned.

              Consulting with your eye doc is also a good idea.

              GL, TC