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The New Prohibition Era-Opioid Pain Meds

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    Thanks Thinkimjob.


      So this so called Opiod Epidemic is actually a heroin epidemic. The relationship(s) to prescription pain medication is that 1.) synthetic fentanyl is being used as an extra addicting agent in heroin. As fentanyl is a prescribed medication all pain medications suffer

      If you read the story you will actually see where the CDC has done a 3 State study and found that over half of these deaths have synthetic heroin in them and more than that have elicit drugs. So this means that heroin and other illegal drug overdoses are being counted as opiod deaths and thus an epidemic. 2.) Most users of heroin have started with prescription pain meds and were either not getting enough (government regulations) or being cut off and this is what they felt that they needed to do to manage their pain.


        Prohibition worked soooo well with alcohol, after all.
        I fell over a month or two ago, and tore the rotator cuff tendon in my shoulder. I need that shoulder to hold me upright on my rollator. Have to use the arm, even though it should be in a sling. It hurts quite a lot, as you can imagine.

        Dr gave me a week's worth of Panadeine Forte. It worked; I could at least sleep.

        Since then I've been using over-the-counter panadeine. Bought a packet of 40 tablets on Monday. "Why do you need to take this drug?" Asked the 16 year-old behind the counter.
        "Because I'm in pain," I replied.

        Next year, these drugs will only be available with a prescription. That means another trip to the doctor.
        Making it hard to get opiates for pain relief is not going to stop people using them.