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Knees can Barely Bend - What should I do?

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    Thank you to everyone who shared your story about the bac pump with me. It is all very impressive. It would be amazing to get the kind of results you did as a result of having the pump. I think I'll make an appt with my neuro and run by him the cannabis and the pump ideas and see what he thinks. I'm not sure doctor offices are even open these days but I'll give it a try. Again, thank you to all.


      I'm a little late for the subject but for one that had a pump and had to have it removed because it was working itself out (very uncommon) I miss it. Can't wait for to get another one. Medtronic has put a hold on them due to part shortages. Was told the earliest would be some time this fall.

      I have trouble bending the left knee. The oral has helped a little, but like it was mentioned earlier the oral has to digest where the pump puts it right where you need it to the spine.