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    Brain itches

    Haven't been diagnosed yet. I get my normal migraines but tonight my headache was different. My brain literally feels like I need to open up my skull and scratch my brain. My left eye feels strange (burning sensation behind it) does anyone else experience this. Driving me nuts.. little irritable too
    Thank you in advance

    not yet dx, doc says yes to ms but not treating. going to ms specialist 8/5.

    Hi cocopuff,

    This could all be related to your migraines.

    Sensory Changes in a Migraine Aura

    Sensory changes during a migraine may include numbness, tingling, pain, itching, and vibrations, and can occur anywhere on the body. Often times sensory symptoms will spread from one location of the body to the next in a matter of minutes. For instance, if tingling moves from your hand to the same side of your face and then to the shoulder, the first site (hand in this case) will resolve once the tingling affects the face and shoulder.This description can help you and your doctor distinguish a migraine aura from a stroke or a seizure.

    If motor symptoms, such as weakness in a limb, are present and reversible, than the headache is classified as a hemiplegic migraine. Source:

    Talk to your neuroIogist. Good luck.

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      There's something itching inside of your head or there is pain?