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Pain in ribs

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    Pain in ribs

    Just curious as I'm trying to add up any weird things I've been dealing with past few years.

    With no rhyme or reason only left side of my lower ribs gets this burning pressure pain below underwire so I know it's nn it that. Doesn't feel like gas. Can't figure out what what brings it on.

    I usually try to lay flat and stretch it but still doesn't help. Nothing actually helps. Until it goes away. It could last for days at a time. But usually just a day. Having it today so since I'm new here taking advantage and just throwing it out there.

    Oddly enough on my back same side I have a CONSTANT itchy spot that I have broken skin scratching on many occasions and the itch is just never relieved. Also comes and goes the same exact way! The skin in that area is now browner than my normal olive tone. And sometimes gets a stabbing pain in it when the itch starts. I've even gotten cortisone shots directly into it. And yet no one knows this mystery..

    Anyone that can relate?

    Sounds very similar to shingles,
    No blisters? Initially?

    Not all docs are familiar with it. fed


      My sister said shingles

      The spot on my back at least. No no blisters. But scabs from me ripping it apart. I can't help it though. But back scratchers are life savers sometimes!! And helps prevent me breaking skin.