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My feet won't stop tingling!!!!!

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    My feet won't stop tingling!!!!!

    What brings this on/helps. Is this a prelim to a relapse?? I'm newly diagnosed after a episode of drop foot so anything with my feet freaks me out!!
    Anyone else?

    How long have your feet been tingling? Has it been going on since the time of your diagnosis or did it just start?

    If it just started, it could be the early symptom of a relapse that might get worse or it could be a relapse all by itself.

    If it's been going on since the time of your diagnosis, it isn't a relapse or even the early symptom of a relapse. It's damage that has already occurred and can't be used to try to predict anything else.

    If you have to ask about it here, it sounds like it's something you should be talking with your neurologist about. Only your neurologist knows your medical history and your case so he or she is the best person to answer your questions.

    If the tingling is bad enough, it might be worth trying one of the medications that can help with some of the sensory symptoms. Gabapentin seems to be the one used most often for paresthesias.

    All of the medicines have their own side effects so you'll have to try one to see if the tingling or the side effects of the medicine is easier to live with. Again this is something you'll have to talk to your neurologist about. I hope you feel better soon.


      My left food has done it intermittently since my first flare (which game me my diagnosis). These last two days tho it's been both feet and to the point of driving me nuts!! It definitely has me worried, although today it's better. I noticed some numbness last night as well tho . Thank god I have a neuro appt nxt week. I keep documenting everything bc I worry that I won't remember it well enough