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Anyone ever start hearing voices

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    Anyone ever start hearing voices

    Ok so I've been gas lighted by different family members and harassed and lied to and so on. And now my sister's claiming that the MS is cousing me to hear voices. And I don't think so never had an issue before. Anyone else?

    I haven't heard voices, but I have had times when I couldn't understand accented English. The words came out as a bubbly foreign language, and this happened several times with different people, ranging from British to Hispanic to the Deep South. The "foreign language" remained the same for all of them.

    Why is your sister saying you're hearing voices? Are you responding to things that she claims she hadn't said? Is she the only person who's noticed this? Is it possible that you're picking up what she's not saying, like a variation of some psychic ability? Does this only occur when you're particularly tired or stressed? Does it only occur with her? If you've never been diagnosed with any type of mental disability, I wouldn't worry about it right now. Just keep track of the when and where. Is your sister one of those people who talks so much that she doesn't always realize what she's saying?


      I hate to say it but yes, I have heard voices. It usually happens right after I get IV steroids. I have even woke my hubby up to check and see if someone is outside our house. It really worries me. I have been seeing things for years. Usually like an animal (cat or smaller rodent) darting out of my field of vision. My doctor said that both of these may be side effects of some of my meds.
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        Hi Bobby,

        Yes, but once because I had steroid induced psychosis, and two other times while battling high fevers and other serious health going on. I was in the hospital each time.

        Scary stuff. Wierd because I knew it didn't seem rational, but at the same time was all very real to me.

        Even though it felt like they were against me, I am so glad it got picked up by staff so they could prescribe something to help me.

        It's possible it could be related to your MS, but in any case you will have to reach out to your doctors.

        Best wishes

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          Audio-hallucinations go right along with all the other weird things about MS. I have heard people talking, but can't make out what they are saying. I've heard trains and train horns. I've heard bands and once even a symphony!
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