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Video Link to UCSF EPIC Study Results

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    Video Link to UCSF EPIC Study Results

    Good Morning,

    I wanted to share a link to an Update on the UCSF EPIC Study. There is a great deal of wonderful information on current treatments, upcoming treatments, research studies and improved methods of monitoring progression of disease. I just watched it and it was very interesting and left me feeling hopeful about the future.

    This is the team of doctors that I see for my management and they are doing amazing things. In the presentation, they discuss voluntary enrollment in the Open MS Bioscreen which is available for anyone to join. It is a great tracking tool for patients and you can share the information with your own neurologists. I only found out about it from the video and have already enrolled with my data. I will add that link for it, too. I hope this may be beneficial to some.

    Thanks, Polopuppy

    Thank you for posting links

    Very interesting explanations in lay terms.

    Considering using MS Bioscreen.
    Maybe we all should?

    I wonder if my neuro would be interested - will ask.

    unfortunately there are probably many proprietorial reasons that this won't receive widespread use.


      Hi Caroline,

      I'm glad you enjoyed the video and the way the information was presented.

      I hope your neurologist is interested in having you use the Open MS Bioscreen. I think UCSF's intent it to make it available to anyone, anywhere so there shouldn't be any issues. I like the ease in seeing my course plotted out. The longer this has been going on, the harder it is for me to recall dates for the different specialists I see. Let me know if you are able to use it.