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Feeling Short of Breath or like I Can't Exhale Enough

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    Feeling Short of Breath or like I Can't Exhale Enough

    I'm just curious if others feel the same.

    In the last week or so I've had trouble with feeling short of breath and/or like I can't exhale all the way. This is at the moment primarily happening at night as I'm falling asleep or while sleeping.
    I use a CPAP and have had my settings adjusted as that was the first thought as to cause, reducing the exhale/venting pressure but it has not improved. And on 2 occasions, including right now as I type this I am having the same feeling.
    I have my first appointment with a neurologist on Monday for an EEG. I'm hoping he is receptive to hearing about my symptoms etc...
    I just feel like I'm all over the map and other than 8 days of blissful energy and little pain or fatigue or any other symptoms between Christmas and New Years I am always "experiencing" something.
    Am I losing my mind, making a mountain out of a mole hill, jumping to conclusions?

    Still in Limbo - 6 months and counting.

    Hi LibraAngel74.

    I use a CPAP and have had my settings adjusted as that was the first thought as to cause, reducing the exhale/venting pressure but it has not improved.
    Was the adjustment to your CPAP made after an in-home sleep study? Has your low iron/anemia been corrected yet? If not this could be a possibility. Anxiety could be a possibility, practicing mindful breathing could be helpful. Have you seen a Pulmonologist to evaluate/test lung function? Asthma could be a possibility.
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      Still figuring things out...

      I haven't had a home sleep study but my CPAP is directly connected to a sleep specialist (not sure of correct job title) and we had reviewed my results over the first month and with how I was feeling we decided to change the settings. Unfortunately it hasn't made a difference.
      My iron has improved but is still on the high end of low apparently and I'm still taking iron supplements.

      Anxiety could be a factor though one of my major stresses has been relieved as my LTD finally came through.

      I have an appointment with my Nurse Practitioner on the 12th to bring this to her attention. I also have issues with swallowing, food is getting stuck and often comes back up when I laugh, cough or sneeze and it happens at night frequently as well.

      Everything is taking an eternity here for testing, finally seeing a neurologist on the 4th after months and months. And I've been referred to GI specialist and found out the first doctor took 11 weeks to reject me and now I wait again.

      I guess I'll have to see what other specialists I may need to see on the 12th.


        Hello LibraAngel,

        MS can cause respiratory muscle weakness. Of course, since you are still being diagnosed it remains unknown if MS is the underlying issue. If MS ultimately turns out to be responsible please know that physical therapy to strengthen those muscles only requires about 10 minutes a day. Also, if MS is behind this problem, then treating MS would likely have good effect in reducing this symptom.

        Honestly, after reading through all your posts it seems to me that a lot of the puzzle pieces fit the thought that MS may be causing what you are experiencing. Please understand that if true, and we certainly don't know that it is, that it is extremely, extremely unlikely that difficulty breathing becomes a bigger problem than what you are currently experiencing. It is far more probable, if MS is the issue, that these symptoms will fade as MS remits.

        Certainly, you may google something like 'breathing difficulty in MS' and read introductory info or find scientific research if you wish. I would furnish you with something more in depth right here, however, we may be getting a bit too far in front of diagnosis. First things first. It may not be MS causing this problem. It will take time to know one way or the other.

        For now, I would counsel you to be at peace and give time to the process of getting a diagnosis.

        On a more personal note may I add my thoughts for you during this very challenging period? May peace and strength be your constant companions, your two best friends. What I believe in my heart is that your situation will turn, that you will enjoy good health again and life become much more "normal". Take one day and make one step at a time and let it play out. Things will get better, I absolutely am believing that for you. You are in my prayers tonight.