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Are tics related to MS?

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    Are tics related to MS?

    I've had RRMS probably ever since I was a kid, but I was diagnosed only a couple of years ago. I was wondering is there any relation between MS and Chronic Tic Disorder / Tourette's Syndrome...

    Since I was 10 or 11 I've had motor tics. I was never diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome or Tic Disorder, but my mom took me to see a doctor and he said they're called tics and that they'll probably just go away by themselves.

    The tics never went away completely, but there have stayed mild.

    My tics include tensing / flexing the muscles in my throat and exhale / inhale at the same time, stretching my neck muscles by "a nodding gesture", stretching my wrists by "a swinging gesture" and shutting my eyes tightly for a second or so.

    Anyone else have both MS and motor tics?

    I have tics too. Although I’m not dx, my tics started when I was 18. Dr said it was brain damage from drug use. I shrug my shoulders and jerk my head to the left. Sometimes I stomp my foot. I think I’ve had MS since I was about 11 years old as well.