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    VA 101

    I found a pretty good overview of VA services if you're just getting started. Just be realistic, these overviews have a habit of being "best case" descriptions.


    What specialty clinics should we try to get into, beside the obvious Neuro consult? Our VA has a spinal cord injury center. Would that be appropriate? Would a Rheumatologist be appropriate for the joint pain, neuropathy and parasthesia?


      Sorry I missed your post.

      A lot depends on where you are. Different states can have different VA's. In most cases, if your C+P eval comes back saying you need to be treated then the VA Hosp. will be sending you to a lot of appointments in different clinics.

      There's a lot of info I can't comment on because you didn't provide it.

      Your question is a good one, it might be better to ask it in the main VA forum.


        I have only been sent to orthodics and prosthetics for my ms by my nuero, I have requested to also have hearing test but other than that nothing as I have no reason to see others at this point.
        Plan for the future, but not too hard; itís not your decision anyway


          VA MSCoE available but local VA van won't take him

          My brother-in-law has MS and is a veteran receiving his care through VA. We live in south-central Indiana about half-way between Indianapolis and Louisville, KY. Louisville is about 10 miles closer, so the local Veterans' Service office is making him go to Louisville for treatment when the Louisville KY VA has no MSCoE.

          Indianapolis has an MSCoE and we are trying to determine how to get his care transferred to Indy. His wife, my sister, is the sole wage-earner and must work. She is not able to get off to take him as they can't afford for her to take FMLA which is unpaid, and her work situation doesn't support such absences.

          What can we do or who should we call? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I'm a retired RN and live half the year in FL or I'd take him myself!! Today he called the county VA service officer and was told they would not take him to Indy. In KY, they will schedule him for tests on three different days in the same week and it simply exhausts him. I believe an MSCoE would understand the situation and schedule accordingly. Thoughts?

          ** Moderator's note - Post broken into paragraphs for easier reading. Many people with MS have visual difficulties that prevent them from reading large blocks of print. **


            My suggestion would be to contact the MSCE directly, preferably who ever is in charge and see if they would be of assistance to get at least his ms treated there.
            Plan for the future, but not too hard; itís not your decision anyway


              Just to add to what Scooter said. A vet can go to any VA Hospital they want. It can be done one of two ways. 1) His VA PCP can issue a referral, or 2) Call the Enrollment Office at the VA you want to go to.

              However, you will not get the VA to drive him to the new VA. The vans are normally run by local veterans service organizations. For example, mine is run by the DAV. The transportation service is run by volunteers and the Service is free for all local Vets, but they will only go to the nearest VA Hospital, even though there are several in the area. Logistically it would be a nightmare to take vets to different VAs.

              What your BIL can do is hire someone to drive him. The VA will reimburse him for mileage. The Social Worker that is assigned to his VA PCP should be able to assist in finding an organization that you can pay to take him.

              Finally, if your BIL has civilian medical insurance...there is a MS Center in Cincinnati at the University...just as an alternative.

              Good Luck.
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                My VA in Palto CA also has a center for spinal cord injury center. I have been seeing them since 2000. They handle all my needs, appointments, medication refills, anything.