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Is Tecfidera for a non-JCV a non-brainer?

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    Is Tecfidera for a non-JCV a non-brainer?

    I'm using injections since my first diagnosis months ago. But I'm considering switching for an oral medication.

    As I'm JC Virus negative, would it be advisable to switch as soon as possible? Research indicates that Tecfidera is a more efficient medicine than others (injectables).

    Any consideration about this? Thanks in advance for your patience with a newcomer. ;-)

    No brainer

    I experience 0 side effects and I have only been on tecfidera for 3 months but PML is quite a long shot with tecfidera moreso with Tysabri.


      I switched

      Hi I switched 3 years ago cause i also feel it's the most effective with least risk, the limiting factor may be digestive . bloating , stomach pain ' hope it works .. PS i used to use injections also


        Switching to Tecfidera

        I have been taking Tecfidera for 4 years after taking Rebif for 7 years. I am also JCV-. It has been a very good decision for me. I no longer have to deal with those dreaded injections. It is a lot easier to comply with a treatment regimen when all you have to do is take 2 normal sized green capsules daily.

        Blood work is done every 3 months to monitor my platelet level. While it has dropped it is not in the so-called danger zone and I have been permitted to continue taking Tecfidera.

        I get an MRI done yearly. They have been stable in the time I have been on Tecfidera. No new lesions. That is certainly a win in my book.

        There continue to be minor residual side effects but nothing extraordinary. I do have skin flushing occasionally. Produces an amazing shade of red/pink that draws attention if I'm in the grocery store check out line when it occurs. It goes away in about 20 minutes. There is some occasional diarrhea, too. Despite these issues it still beats injections any day.

        I wish you good luck in making your decision. Login if we can be of any help.


          That's perfect. This is the advice I would like to receive here. Thanks a lot, this certainly will help on my decision - even though I need to talk to my neuro about it, of course.